The Unlimited Customers

Hello, feel free to say hello if you are using this forum because you use etn for mobile top-ups.


thinking of changing my sim to take advantage of this…


Picking up my new Sim later today :sunglasses:


Are you excited?
I might move za. :slight_smile:


Very excited. lets get this party started. Normally South Africa is the last to get anything. Now we are the first


Times are changing, exciting to see what South Africa does with it! The opportunities that come from the gig economy site will take it to the next level.

Thanks to your posts and others, it appears to me like South Africa is already one of the world leaders in adoption of cryptocurrency, even before this announcement. Exciting times.


Question - is this double your data an exclusive offer only for people who pay in ETN or was it available anyway even if you don’t pay with ETN?

Good question @Adamson791
Because if it is for everyone then there isn’t much incentive to use etn

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I just went to The Unlimitede webpage, and there is nothing about Electroneum…!?
That is strange…


That is very strange

It was already a thing from the unlimited.
Maybe it’s quadruple data with ETN. :slight_smile:

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I hope so @3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7

After looking at this myself, I do find it EXTREMELY odd there is no mention of this partnership with Electroneum anywhere.

With all the hype about double data/airtime using ETN, I feel like we’ve been misled because you can get that using their company app and fiat as well…so where is the incentive for them to purchase ETN outside of the mobile mined coins they get?

I’m really not trying to FUD here…I am genuinely confused :frowning:


Maybe they didnt start promoting just yet? :thinking:

That is strange there is nothing on the site, however, the implicit incentive is the fact that they get free ETN through cloud mining to pay for top ups directly through the app. Pretty big considering the lowest package is covered by the cloud miner 100 ETN payout.

That being said, nobody will know that unless they advertise it…


Right, I agree with that 100%. But that offers no incentive to buy ETN at all. I’m hoping that changes with Gig Guru.

But, the fact still remains that we were told users get double time for using ETN. This implies that was not the case if using fiat. Looking at The Unlimited’s website, double time is nothing new. It is something you get if you use their own company app to top up.

So currently, the only incentive for SA users to use ETN is when they acquire enough free ETN on their cloud miner to get whatever top up package they want. I guess I was looking for news that would drive incentive to also purchase ETN and use it on the mobile wallet for top ups…but there is no reason for that if you simply use The Unlimited’s own app with their local currency.


Good point. That would also help drive price from another angle.

People are really hating the unlimited on their Facebook page, seems they were selling subscriptions and it didn’t go to well… :frowning: