The Unlimited Customers

I’m continuing to dig with some other people and it appears purchasing through The Unlimited app is not as easy as someone in a large first world country would think it should be.

From what I can see, the app would need to be connected to a bank card of some sort…which is where the ETN app shines because not everyone has a bank account. You can also use a voucher through The Unlimited app, but from what I’m seeing vouchers are not eligible for double time. All this makes much more sense and shows how ETN would add value. These are all my assumptions based on what people are pointing out to me in other forums. But none of us live in SA and can not verify. All this is completely understandable, but the misleading statements is still an issue and was completely unnecessary.


I think the team should come up with an explanation before this gets out of hand - we are not the only ones to see this …! also so we can help explain future issues from people who cannot understand this problem…

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I would like a price comparison of price and data and to talk to someone who lives there and uses it currently. There are many unknowns currently but I’m sure it has its purpose.

I’m having trouble finding much info on them thanks for the info that would bring use case. Time will bring us more understanding imo.


I agree but this is day 1 it was just announced. More information will come to light. We don’t have all the information yet I’m sure it has its use and is thoroughly planned out. I am waiting for further information.

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I hope so :slightly_smiling_face: - usually when you get that kind of news, there must be control of the information - so that users / the market won’t be confused. It puts a damper on the positive perception - especially when The Unlimited doesn’t mention anything at all on their website about the new possibilities with ENT top-up…

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They may have wanted to release to just Electroneum users to gauge new users that are going to use it like I have seen others in the community go and get their SIM cards already. Than release marketing to the unlimited users to use Electroneum. Time will tell and I feel more information will come. I understand what you’re saying though.

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I understand what you mean. It’s just not an option that is only given to electroneum users - it’s an announcement to the masses - it’s spread to everyone. As a natural response, users will visit The Unlimited website to read about the new opportunities with Electroneum, and there is nothing about it. As I see it, their sim card is not new, you have been able to get it long before. Let’s see what’s happens in the coming days :slightly_smiling_face:

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I completely agree with that. Can you top up with Electroneum through the unlimited app or site? Or only through the Electroneum app? I agree we need more information but I’m sure we will get answers soon.

From what I can see, it’s only through the Electroneum app.

Ok I get it now, so etn are promoting the unlimited, I hadn’t looked at it like that. :slight_smile:

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That’s what my understanding is currently also. We will see soon enough.

@Cryptoman976 they may have wanted to release this news later in the week but had to release today because of the leak. Therefore the unlimited not having time to launch site and announcement.


Hmmm. Maybe…

So was it an etn only deal?

Hmmm, it’s a two-way street… it’s a collaboration between two parties.


Imo yes its always a 2 way street and they both benefit each other. I’m sure Electroneum will bring users to the unlimited for top ups besides current the unlimited users. I feel they may want to track that number as a reference point for other mvnos.

It may be the Unlimited partnership was kept secret except at higher levels of their company to prevent leaks and hence lessening the impact on day 1 at MWC19.

As we saw some of the announcements inadvertently trickled out and to prevent webpages and YouTube videos leaking they were not created by Unlimited highlighting ETN link up.

Hopefully over the coming days this will change and there will be official notification on Unlimited website.


I need more likes but I agree.

i don’t get it why u take Africa? not America or Europe? tell me pls

The Unlimited appears to be more than just MVNO so other possibilities may become available after initial roll out.


The impact of use case is much greater in that area. It is more likely to be adopted quicker where it is needed most.