The Unlimited Customers


Don’t forget they also put the etn logo on a phone case. So I guess there is that. When gig guru comes along, what will be the next hope?


Yes ive also just noticed on the unlimited website that there is no mention of ETN and people could purchase the double airtime with just normal fiat.

From what I can see, there really is no incentive to buy ETN to purchase airtime and data with unlimited… Unless the ETN gives them double of double (so quadruple) airtime.

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Imo the incentive goes back to the cloud miner. They will be able to earn an extra 3$ monthly income for mining that they can than buy airtime with if they choose. That is saving them money. 3$ a month is not a lot to some of us but if my monthly income is 250$ I would love to use an app to get airtime that saves me on my monthly income.

Also I believe this will be of benefit with the gig economy. The entrepreneurs of that area could make great use of this system along with the barter system and small vendors. It by itself may not offer much distinct incentive. But with the whole ecosystem Electroneum is creating they are able to make extra income and be included in a worldwide ecosystem and benefit from it in different ways. Imo the gig site will be released very soon likely at mwc imo to get this system out there. Once it touches down the entrepreneurs of that area will see the opportunity creating gigs, cloud mining, barter. Imo the top up is the incentive for Etn use not the other way around. We still need to draw them into the ecosystem by the cloud mining and means for the user to gain financially. 3$ isn’t a lot to most of us but saving money impacts lives. The ecosystem is coming together I’m sure we will see the impact and adoption soon enough. I had to think awhile before replying as I thought the same. But this is my understanding of its incentive and benefit.



This is the text message that was send to users in sa a couple months ago. I would assume they start with a trial use to scale before marketing to all users. It has only been released 1 day so I’m sure marketing is in the works and will be implemented full force once ready. This is just the start the users and marketing will come :zap:

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So far it is not possible to get 3$ a month. Let alone the 30$ they had planned. I’m waiting a month or more for my first 100etn payout. And that’s valued at around 70cents. If people are told they get 3$ dollars then they don’t. It doesn’t look good. Let’s hope this changes…

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They put away with the 30 dollar idea awhile ago. They said they can change the payout, why would they payout extra when the system isn’t in place yet. Also it fluctuates with price and they are undervalued so why change it when they know it will be changed again soon. When this goes out to the masses im sure it will be around 3$ a month. Im sure you are aware that the mobile miner has been abused by users up until recently, so would paying out more this whole time up until now been beneficial? With some using multiple phones to sell? They are aware. I’m glad the payouts have been low but I’m sure it still soon change. They have to have the ecosystem ready before handing out a bunch of free money to use in the ecosystem.


Yes maybe they’ll purchase some ETN to top up their mined coins to pay for their airtime. I guess that’s where the demand may come from.

Ultimately there HAS to be a need for ETN in the ecosystem and for that to happen, people need to see a benefit of using ETN to pay for stuff instead of fiat.

I’m interested to see how all this plays out…

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Yes, I fully understand all of that…I think you missed my point. I understand the eco system better than most. None of this answer my questions.

  1. Why were we lead to believe getting double time by using ETN was an exclusive offer when it is not.

  2. By extension of #1, such an exclusive offer would entice people to actually purchase ETN on top of simply mobile mining it so they could benefit from such an exclusive offer.

My concern is seeing that double time is not actually an exclusive offer for ETN top ups, there is no reason to purchase ETN, thus breaking the whole point of mentioning the double time in the first place. The message was very misleading and I’m reading in other chats that people are pretty displeased for this exact same reasoning.

For an eco system to work, there has to be a continuous flow of value exchange. Mobile mining AND purchasing ETN offered such a perfect flow due to the double time incentive. But if users can simply get the same benefit completely outside of ETN all together, the flow is essentially broken and ETN simply only gets used for free mobile mined money to offset the cost instead of adding actual value.

I don’t know how else to explain it. From a big picture stand point, it all makes sense in the effort of growth. But why the misleading with the mentioning of double time for using ETN? They are not mutually exclusive. People get double time with or without ETN based on which app they use.


That is what the Electroneum ecosystem is for. They won’t need to purchase Etn to top up they can use the Electroneum ecosystem as means for extra revenue.

They can cloud mine for a little extra but they can also use the gig economy which imo will offer a lot. The entrepreneurs will create its use case imo. The adoption comes with the whole ecosystem because that is where the real use case/need is. I agree we will see how it impacts short term and long term I’m very interested. But it definitely benefits the Electroneum ecosystem imo.


Okay I see your point I only have read the email once at 3:30 am last night I must have missed the exclusive part. I did see that on the unlimited website and understand your point. We have not formally heard anything from the unlimited yet it is possible of a marketing change where they will not offer that deal anymore and becomes exclusive only through the Electroneum app we will have to see. I agree though if they are stating an exclusive deal it should not be offered already… Imo it should be a even better deal than what is currently offered. Unless that’s the 3$ offered by mining. We will have to see I agree with what you said I’m gonna go read it again.


That’s my point. I don’t believe Richard or the email said it would be exclusive…but it was certainly heavily implied…which is what I have a problem with. If it’s something The Unlimited already offers via their own app using their local currency, why is it highlighted so heavily if you use ETN? THAT is my issue.

I understand everything else 100% and agree overall this is a good move. I simply hate being mislead. It should have been advertised that ETN will also give double time exactly like using The Unlimited’s app does with fiat. Instead they made it sound like this was an exclusive for ETN only.

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“The AWESOME team at The Unlimited have very kindly offered to make it even MORE rewarding to purchase airtime and data using ETN - by DOUBLING the airtime and data packages when purchased in ETN!!!”

Yea that does imply that ETN users are getting something exclusive…


I agree I will need an announcement from the unlimited or further advancement in partnership before judgement personally but I understand what you’re saying. It was just released today possibly they’re updating site. The unlimited should announce soon I’m guessing? But I see your point.


I’m out of likes but I agree with you.


Thank you for finding that. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Little misleading much? I think so. I would love clarification on this as to why people should not be upset…not to mention there is literally no mention of ETN on their website at all. I would have thought there would have been updated pages ready to publish once MWC started and these announcements came out…but no, nothing. The Unlimited still has their own app for double time and instructions on how to do it. No mention of ETN.


I am hoping it will be updated next week when everyone is back in the office? They could be waiting until then to publish that news locally.

Richard did mention wanting everyone in the office for one of the announcements. So either they are waiting to publish news locally when everyone is back in the office or there is another announcement that we don’t know about that will be launched Monday.

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Yea I remember when mobile miner was released, there were videos all over YouTube of people boasting about having little mobile phone farms just for etn. I hated them then and I’d like to see them try now… :slight_smile: I hope the team were able to block a lot of those accounts.


@Maritz I would love to see the price points for packages using The Unlimited app and compare them to what we see on the mobile miner. I can only assume they are the same, but without living there and having an account I have no way to see them. Maybe you can get a side by side comparison pic of how much ZAR it costs and what you get for topping up using each app?

I’m assuming they are about the same, which would confirm the misleading statements @gjfrom was able to find with the suggestion that this was an exclusive deal for ETN users.

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Yeah I remember that it’s rather unfortunate but it seems they have Created a system to not allow this. I’m sure there are many updates still to come


I would also like more information about this. I’m sure we will hear something more soon. I defiantly see your point though.

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