The truth about price predictions

Someone once posted something on ETN price predictions that I thought was very wise. It goes something like this:

Everyone dreams of being a millionaire.

So if you own 1 million shares, you’ll predict a price of $1.00.
If you own 500,000 shares, you’ll predict $2.00.
If you own 100,000 shares, then you’ll say $10.
And if you’re Fugazi, and you own 30,000 shares, you’ll predict $35.

Isn’t it fun to dream that you will be a millionaire?

But that’s all price predictions are — dreams.

Keep your faith in the team, hope they fire on all cylinders, and keep your fingers crossed about the price!


By the way, NagaBeau once predicted a price of $15,000 or some such thing. By this theory, he would own something like 60 shares. But I think it’s that special Naga incense he’s been sniffing . . .


i think these massive price predictions also factor in a potential derivatives market crash and every other market. but cant say for sure.

Yeah…it doesn’t help when youtubers make videos about ETN with clickbait titles like “ETN will moon to $50 in 2018!” and crap like that. These people are just creating a hype train that ETN can never live up to.

TBH, I’m not fixated on the price of ETN like some people. I’m just enjoying being part of the community and watching this project unfold.


I say $0.20 - $0.35 would be great!

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they’d also need to increase the supply of coins, cos .01 etn would be 150.00!! thats insane, it means massive inflation. i cant see the price going beyond 5 dollars… .01 etn would then be 5c which may still be acceptable for purchasing goods in the developing nations. hard to tell really! its just more speculation on my part.

Hahaha nice post, made me laugh a lot! :rofl:

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At the moment, in the next year, we can honestly expect a price of $2 at most. Not taking into consideration what ETN team could bring as good news. The rest is just wishful thinking. I mean, $2 is wishful thinking as well, but at least is somewhat doable.

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It was at $0.18 in January this year.
Without the app, without the instant payments, without the over 2 million users, and so on.

i think with all the corporates accepting etn, and then selling back to fiat regularly, it will keep the price from getting out of control, if those corporates decided to hold there coins ,then for sure it would skyrocket!