The transfer failed and has not been returned for two days

The transfer failed and has not been returned for two days

Put a support ticket in

Im waiting myself…

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Same problem here, support ticket signup also does not work…

This is not good for trust in ETN.

@Rach can you assist please.

Mine got sorted after a few days wait.

The team are very busy atm with the app update they will fix the issue.

Dont worry

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Well it’s almost worth $190 so i do worry a bit. But rest me nothing then waiting.
Thanks for the reply.

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You wont loose it…

Its most likely just got stuck.

I had 3 x 30k stuck they fixed them all


This is a known situation. When you send out Electroneum from your mobile app, send 20-30% less. Meaning send it out in two or three batches, fee is small anyway. Hopefully this is fixed in the near future.

37,500 ETN

deduct 20% (11,250ETN)

send out 26,250 ETN, and see how much of your balance is being with held, then send the rest, because blockchain usually wants to withhold a lot more than just 5 ETN when sending a large transaction.

This same situation occurs on our normal cold storage wallet (CLI wallet). Except on cold storage wallet, transaction instantly fails and prevents you from even sending out a large transaction unless you leave certain amount of ETN behind.


ok thanks for the info… anyway i can not send out any, because its waiting for?? it failed, so have to wait till it comes back. Will keep it in mind anyway, when it shows in my wallet again. hopefully not long from now, thnx…

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Correct, unfortunately, and sometimes it can take 2 weeks for funds to be returned without seeking for help to expedite process, if even possible. It has happened to me before, that’s why I suggest always send in batches like I explained.

Fee is very small anyway. Good luck!

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