The top three countries for Electroneum app-to-app transfers are Brazil, Turkey, and Nigeria

As part of our recent series of articles highlighting Electroneum’s statistics and numbers, we are delighted to share with you our most recent report highlighting the nearly 300,000 Electroneum app-to-app transactions that our users have completed.

Very few cryptocurrencies can boast these statistics and numbers that demonstrate real use. We recently shared with you our user numbers report and our mobile airtime and data top-up stats.



Great news and a very interesting read. :+1:

Do you think at some point in future we will see some of the key statistics like this published on Perhaps a dashboard or world map with info for each region? has drawn attention to just how many companies are starting to accept ETN as adoption grows… statistics on their usage would close the loop to show the scale of ETNs growth worldwide.


For sure. As the team grows, we’re able to do more and more. So you’ll likely see this in the relatively near future.


why do you share photos from nigeria only

Interesting, we are making progress. Thanks for the numbers @Jonathan

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Where would you like to see photos from?

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