The team must create an information flyer in PDF and put it online

The team must create an information folder in PDF and put it online.
We can then print this in 2 languages, namely in English and in your own language.
Also a logo for the envelope.
Anyone or selected users can download the information folder and app.

You press the binoculars in the app.
All kinds of companies and other events will appear
in your immediate environment where you are at the moment.
You print the information leaflet out 2x and you put it in the electroneum envelope and throw it in the letterbox.
You put on the envelope to the residents, postal address and city name on it.
very very easy

You could mention that there are tasks / logo made for the company for a bargain price on Anytask.
I wouldn’t use too many colors in the flyer.
(Too much ink comes out of the printer.)
Also include the free listing on the flyer.

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