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I didn’t get a chance since it was cloudy here last night just after a small blizzard and it was about 0 degrees outside. I wished I had a chance, but hopefully the next one isn’t in the dead of winter.


I’m in! Lol looks like fun and ty for sharing that’s one thing I hadn’t seen about Mars yet.


Awesome photo Cosmic, that’s beautiful!


I’ve been to that Pier @Plankton how funny!


Really !! Hahahaha that’s great . Loved that place I used to run up and down the pier alongside the train when I was 12 … AHH many many moons ago



Lovely pic , I totally forgot and woke too late to see it…

Thanks for sharing your picture !!!



Another great article came out about humans going back to the moon and beginning the process to have a regular presence there.

Recent press release from January 19th 2019.

I love the ending of the article, just made me smile to read it.

As NASA works toward its plan to sustainably return to the Moon, it will be critical to collaborate with both commercial and international partners along the way. This approach will enable human expansion across the solar system and bring back to Earth new knowledge and opportunities.


Just a heads up for a Blue Origin launch tomorrow everyone, enjoy!


I missed it … Seen a lovely sized moon yesterday , by the time I had dropped the kids off at school , camera in arms… gone


That’s wild! What a picture, that’s an amazing photo thank you for sharing.

I really want to get a nice telescope and I’ve got one in mind. They actually got going on Kickstarter. It’s supposed to be 100x stronger than a conventional back yard telescope.

Take a look at this, it’s a must buy for me when I can get one.


Nice !!!

That looks well cool


If you look up some images taken with them it’s amazing, it can also be used to help SETI so it can actually contribute to gathering data.

Feel the Thrills of

Scientific Discovery

Be part of a community of users who witness special astronomical events like comets, threatening asteroids and supernovae, while contributing to science thanks to our partnership with the SETI Institute.

That I think is really cool, i’d love to help them track some stuff with it.


Oh and I wanted to share this too, Everyday Astronaut is also live streaming the Blue Origin launch.



Look at the tail on that beast … strap it in my car please , id get the kids to school in no time at all… might not be in one piece lol


Well, Tesla does have the Spacex package coming out for the roadster! Supposed to be able to do short hops, can’t wait to see it’s unveiling.


Sounds like we are going ro be hearing teslas name a lot more in the future


There is already one up there I thought!


Yes, yes we will! I recently listened to the Telsa earnings call and it was quite interesting. They’re doing really well right now posted a 2nd profit in a row. 2019 is going to be a big year for them, but I’d say especially 2020 since their China giga factory will be going full force then.


That place is huge , foing to be an amazing space to design develope and build… look forward to seeing what time has to offer