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Its great he is also stepping up…competition will breed growth. Elon himself says hes desperate for other parties to get involved.


When I was around 12 years old I lived in Southend on sea Essex …
Right near the beach , perfectly clear
Summers evening
I remember it vividly . Was around 5-6pm light was just going down .

I remember walking to the top of the forest walk near my house which leads into the main road to the beach just up from the pier.

Southend Pier is a major landmark Southend pier Extends 1.34 miles (2.16 km) into the [Thames Estuary it is the longest pleasure pier in the world

And sitting on the end of the pier

Was a red moon , nothing I have seen or witnessed since . I’m not kidding when I say it filled the sky . I remember saying to my friend , that looks like it is going to hit .

It’s hard to describe it , like your standing a foot away from the moon but seeing it from a mile and a half away … in your face …

Unbelievable , the worst part of it is o still can’t find any pictures of it . A few articles in the papers but that’s it…


Wow, that’s as perfect a spot for a clear view as a person could even get. I can only imagine in my head how magnificent it must have been. Just mind blowing, our universe and everything in it is just truly incredible.

I’ll have to add that place to my never ending bucket list of places to visit now!

Another thing I’d really like to see I find equally amazing is the aurora borealis ( Northern Lights ) which I’ve never had a chance to see. That also looks like something incredibly to witness.


I agree @BegaMutex, lot’s of new rocket companies springing up all over now. I support all of them, the more the merrier and the quicker we become a multi planetary species. Sooo much progress is being made & that’s another thing I like about Elon, he just wants to see every rocket company succeed.

Much like his view with Tesla, he released many of their patents just to see every auto manufacturer build great ev’s. It’s all about bettering life for all of humanity as it should be. It’s a beautiful thing to see.


This !!! I’ve never seen it … Definitely on the bucket list


Oh yeah! it looks just incredible!

Btw, to remind the launch stream just started although Tim usually starts them 30 minutes prior to the launch to chat.


That was the first live full launch I’ve watched , that was pretty cool. The views were Fantastic. Thanks !!


@J5Alive The moon is looking amazing already :heart_eyes:


You’re welcome! They get addicting to watch honestly. Wait till you see some Spacex launches they’re awesome. The Falcon Heavy has another launch coming I believe in March. That’ll be amazing, that’s they’re newest rocket the one that launched Elon’s personal Tesla roadster into space.


That’s an awesome view there! I bet it’s a great place to stargaze too.


Thanks @J5Alive It certainly is! :sparkles:


You’re most welcome, there’s just so many beautiful amazing places in the world to see. My list could pretty much reach Mars at this point of places I want to see haha.


I won’t photo bomb your thread with all the beautiful places I want to visit but I’m pretty sure we will all make our dreams come true soon enough :blush:


Well ya know, that type of thread could be posted too in the non ETN discussion section. That’s one that could reach 10k post too, if you make it I’ll come post pics of the places I’d love to visit. Could call the thread something like Places To Visit Around The World, or along those lines. Just a thought.

I also fully agree there they indeed will. :grin:


One of the things you must do when you reach mars

Grab a block of dry ice and surf!!


Has anyone caught a glimpse of the Super Blood Wolf moon??


I didn’t see it, i checked the moon a few times leading up to midnight (UK time)…was normal.



The next total lunar eclipse will be in 2022.


That’s not the sun setting, it’s this incredible moon rising :heart_eyes: