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I’m sure I read something that the Chinese rover has seeds in it ? And they’ve sprouted … can’t remember where I saw it.

Moonbase … just those 2 words sound so cool moon base … love it thanks


You’re welcome and @CryptoRidz just posted a link to the story on that above my post. It’s great to see and all of this will play a crucial role in colonizing Mars too.

The moon is such a key player in that, one big goal is lunar manufacturing and rocket launches since the vehicles won’t need to break through the Earths atmosphere. It’ll yet again long term great reduce launch cost once we do that. The moon will make a great launch pad for rocket launches to other planets. Also we can build fuel depots up there too.


When humans colonize(large scale) other planets , if they want to send money from one planet to another imagine them using a crypto for interstellar transactions and there would be like thousands of satellites like blockstream.
Hoping to see crypto usage in space in the not-so -distant future.


Well I bet that will come, but I think the one to succeed in doing this before all will Starlink from Spacex. They’re already well ahead of all the competition too since they can launch it all from their own rockets too.

Also they got FCC approval earlier this year to proceed, two test satellites already went up which are doing great and new versions are also in the works. In the end the total satellite constellation will be around 12k satellites in low earth orbit which are supposed to be capable of 1 gbps speeds. Elons goal is to have at least 50% of all web traffic running through Starlink.

Oh I wanted to add since someone asked about all this on Twitter, Elon said the 1st satellites will go up on the block 5 Falcon 9s and the version 2 satellites on the Super Heavy Starship.

Also you can bet Starlink will be used around Mars as well for planetary communications, yep internet on Mars!


While I’m on the Starship, someone did an amazing rendering of what they’re going to look like upon full completion and they’re beautiful!


Another subject to bring up which is key to the future of space travel is the debris! It’s such a huge problem and there are some people working on this issue. One of the big ones I follow now is Astroscale and there are others of course but I love seeing this issue being tackled. We need to clear all the garbage out asap before it get’s much worse.

I thought I’d bring some attention to them since they deserve it.

They’re working on several methods now to help correct this problem. Can’t wait to see their solutions evolve over time.


Time for another fun rocket launch to watch!

United Launch Alliance will be launching the NROL-71 satellite for the US National Reconnaissance Office on a Delta IV Heavy from Space Launch Complex 6 at the Vandenberg Air Force Base.


Wasn’t there an idea to send out hundreds of little debris catchers out of one launch and they would collect it then either burn up in atmosphere or go into the ship them come back … something like that lol.

Will watch this one should be a nice launch ( reminder set )I always wanted to watch the sts launches live but they cancelled it…
Maybe one day I’ll catch the Orion launch


Yep, Astroscale is just one company but all of them are working on a multitude of different ways to catch debris and in some cases use a laser to just vaporize it entirely. Also, Elon mentioned if I recall using the Starship to help remove some of it possibly too.

We’re going to see a lot of cool things come out to combat the debris problem. Also once we colonize Mars, we’re going to be really prepared to prevent that entirely there as well as other moons/planets we colonize.


They just need this tbh


Sorry I couldn’t resist… On a serious note it’s fantastic that they are trying to do something as there is a lot of junk that needs collecting .

Thanks for the updates on the topic very interesting @J5Alive :clap:


Lmao Mega Maid! The joke I can’t post here, but you know what one it is haha.

Spaceballs is sooo funny, I love that movie it’s comedy gold.

And to toss this in, you know where Tesla got the Ludicrous mode from haha.


You’re most welcome @Plankton , I got an endless amount more to post too, we’re gonna break the 10k post here Lol.


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Lol, that saying will be forever stuck in my head. That’s hilarious, soon as you posted something Spaceballs related that’s the first response I had pop in my head. :joy:


Hahahahhaha , I won’t derail the thread hahahaha .


Lol it’s alright, just a small one it’s impossible not to sometimes on any thread and well technically the movie often takes place in Space at least.

Back to the normal topics! That launch should be pretty cool tomorrow. Everyday Astronaut does an awesome job hosting these launches. If you didn’t check out his site yet, he has a list of most upcoming launches in general which is always being updated.


We’ve got a super blood moon coming this weekend. I saw one about 2 years ago and it is such a cool thing to see when you have a good view.


Wow, thanks for the heads up about the super blood moon. They are incredibly beautiful. Although it’s said they can trigger earthquakes?


From what I’m reading that’s not the case, most sources making that claim are unable to back it with solid science. I wouldn’t worry on an earthquake.

High tides and earthquakes

These rumours have clearly frightened some believers, but how much truth is there that a lunar eclipse will trigger a devastating earthquake?

According to the evidence, a categorical “none”, says the British Geological Society, with studies showing the coincidence of earthquakes and the phases of the moon were entirely random.


They are totally beautiful, the one I saw a couple years ago was my first and I just couldn’t stop staring! I wished I had a high end camera for that, it’d be awesome to film one with a RED camera. That’s the same ones most Hollywood studios use.


Blue Origin to Launch 10th New Shepard Test Flight Monday

Another interesting company to keep an eye on owned by Jeff Bezo’s who own’s Amazon.