The Space Thread - Discussing all things space!

So, I thought I’d create a thread dedicated to all things space since I find it all honestly awe inspiring. The topics will be literally all things space related since there is so much going on. Initially I was going to have it focused on announcing rocket launches for everyone to come watch, but I thought a general through would be much more interesting for everyone.

I also will be updating the main post to add various space resources for everyone to learn more about all the things happening in the industry. Make sure to keep checking back!

General Topics:

  • Rocket Launches

  • Space News

  • Becoming A Multi Planetary Species

  • Mars Colonization

  • Terraforming

  • Asteroid Mining

  • Space Debris Removal

Those are just a few specific subjects to spark conversation of course. Feel free to share anything you like on the topic. I hope you all enjoy!

First off I’ll share a link to all upcoming launches, the main streamer I follow does an outstanding job on streaming most launches. His website list all of what’s upcoming so you can find them even if he can’t get to them.

Rocket Launch Dates:

Aerospace Companies:


Indeed! I totally agree and in all honestly SpaceX is the company that got me reinvigorated on space in general. I do love all that NASA has done however SpaceX has literally brought us into a new era and it’s truly super exciting.

Private companies are coming out of the woodwork now and I love it, it’s all leading us to make space accessible to everyone. I have a goal to watch the first Super Heavy Starship launch when it happens and film it in 4.5k ultra HD to immortalize it.

I’m glad you joined the thread @BegaMutex, it’s great to see you here.


Spacex is the crypto of the space community. Lol. When O.j was rowing up I didn’t even yhink twice that anyone could start a space exploration company. Lol

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Awesome thread idea :+1:


Thank you very much @PrestoCrypto


Space X Space X Space X take us to Moon by 2022(5)

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Hopefully that timeline is accurate it’s a massive project unlike anything in space history. In regards to this I’ll share a link to the DearMoon project. I really respect and love what Yusaku Maezawa is doing in paying it forward for artist of all types to fly with him around the moon to inspire them for their art.

In turn the art they create because of this trip will inspire the world. That’s a man using his wealth for something incredible. Things like this will make us closer as a species as a whole which I feel is very needed.


Is it okay to post conspiracy theories about space???


Well just my opinion but I prefer just space facts, but you could make a separate thread on conspiracy theories in the non ETN discussion.


The delegratory attempt to discredit critical thinkers is termed as conspiracy

Btw they are fun to talk about don’t get me wrong, I just wanted this particular thread to be about things that are 100% factual and I’m not saying some don’t occur I believe some do. I just thought it was better suited for it’s own thread.


Just started another thread ‘Conspiracy theories’
in non-etn discussion.


You are welcome to link it here though for those who would like to participate there. Then people can choose to go if they’d like. :grin:

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Conspiracy theories?


Another cool topic that will even help people all around the world is SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet being launched into leo ( Low Earth Orbit ) which will blanket the entire globe providing high speed internet literally anywhere, even in the middle of the jungle if that’s where you are. It’s going to be revolutionary for world communications.

Their aiming to provide up to 1 gbps in speed which is incredible and far faster than anything in space in regards to satellite internet. Thus far they’ve launched 2 test satellites which are doing well.

Starlink Funding and SpaceX Will Become Twice as Big as NASA

Given the future value of the Starlink satellite network, will Elon Musk be able to arrange the financing?

I think funding is a certainty. I think they will be able to rapidly ramp to $50 billion per year in revenue. This revenue would be more than double NASA’s annual budget . Direct TV is part of AT&T and makes about $40 billion per year in revenue.

What’s awesome in addition to that is this money goes into colonizing Mars and continuously modifying the Super Heavy Starship which is already in development as we speak aiming to do hop test sometime this year hopefully.

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Like your breakaway from the normal" routine".
Excellent choice of topic!!
@CaptainMarvel…You got respect :heart:


Indeed, that’s why I was cool with a link share. This thread I wanted to keep on known space facts to inspire. We’re in the middle of an exciting new era and I love it, technology is going to advance much faster because of it too which will benefit all of humanity.

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I chose maybe, but actually I would 100% go once it’s safe. I fully admit I don’t dare to be one of the first but I REALLY respect those with the courage to go that early on. Once we got tried and true technology I’d even want another home there.

I am so so so excited about the Super Heavy Starship SpaceX is building. It’s going to be incredibly once it’s complete and it’s on schedule so still according to Elon despite recent dramatic changes to 300 series steel. The hopper for testing in Boca Chica is coming right along!

One day we’ll see this!

I even did a post on extending the human life/healthspan to reverse biological aging so I could actually live to one day traverse the stars and visit other planets. That’d be a dream come true to be a part of that.

Come take a look for whoever is interest in the subject. It’s all very real science and truly amazing.


Elon just tweeted this out oh it’s going to look amazing when complete!

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Lot’s of cool stuff to read here @Plankton_ETN and I’ll be posting here alot with new stuff.

To answer you yep! Once complete it’s just over 12,000 satellites in low earth orbit. It’s going to be amazing and 1 gbps speeds literally in the jungle would be possible. Also he wants not just rural and places that are generally impossible to get solid internet but also help countries with people whom have poor net now get a super fast connection far as I’ve read. I would even bet he’ll make it free for some in some countries or insanely cheap.

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