The simple fact is it takes time

According to CMC ripple went on the market in Aug 2013 at a price of .004

About four months later its price hit 6c

after that it pretty much flatlined until April 2017.

What does this tell us? it took almost 3.5 years for ripple to get anywhere?

ETN listed on the market around Nov 2017

If we give ETN 3.5 years to get anywhere

We are looking at May 2021…

Point of the story… How many people in this community know how to run a business let alone a blockchain company seeking the first crypto to become mass adopted? my guess is not a lot. So quit giving our team a hard time and show your support!

Ells for President!

20 :+1:!..…


I could not agree more. Let the man do his thing.


Well, I don’t know about President :joy: but you are absolutely right. Things take time and you could just as well take it as a sign of confidence that the Team don’t feel the need to jump each time there’s price fluctuation.

They are busy working and realising a plan—and yes, it takes time! :+1::+1:


:+1:t2: Agreed. They keep making progress, that’s what counts.

“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy when Others are Fearful”



Agree completely, except I think it will be more like May 2020.

Yes good point I have said many times look at Bitcoin and other major coins how long it took them to get any value. That’s not to say that ETN is gonna sky rocket eventually but alot of coins have been around for alot longer then ETN lets not forget that…