The Richard Ells appreciation thread


I love how open and transparent the man is. He explains everything in such a concise, detailed way, yet in a way that’s so easy for everyone to understand! I think above all else, Richard’s expertise, trustworthiness and sincerity is why this project is growing! I have learned a lot from this man just by listening to the Electroneum Youtube channel and watching all the interviews with him! What he’s creating is a revolutionary digital payment system, and I think one day he’ll get the recognition he deserves as one of the great innovators/visionaries of the 21st century, alongside guys like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk!


You’re absolutely spot on…!!!


you hit the nail on the head!


that’s why we just keep on supporting them :sunglasses:


I agree @Cryptor Richard is one of the people i actually believe that will achieve everything that he wants to achieve in the crypto space that i see making it all come true also and so far he didn’t disappoint and together with the ETN Team and our great community so far i think the sky can be endless for ETN to reach what they want to reach and are aiming for keep up the good work Richard and the ETN team! :sunglasses::+1::rocket:


I think he will be knighted or acknowledged by her Majesty one day. That is my big bold prediction lol. He really is open, integral and honest. If he solves the unbanked problem and gives an instant payment system to them. It will be life changing.


I agree @drpanda if he accomplish everything that he wants to achieve then he deserves a medal for sure! :sunglasses:


I like his honesty and real intentions! Good man I think.


Agreed as an early investor he won me over by the transparency in how he delivered messages that both we wanted to hear as investors and sometimes not so much. Through all of it though he was steadfast in his ability to explain the why without making you feel lost or idiotic. He is informative, educational, and kicks some serious Crypto currency butt! That was important to me and I will be an ETN fan till I die!


Yes indeed we ought to thank God for Richard Ells and the vision and capabilities He has given him. King David of our lifetime - a man who stands behind his word. Now that’s a game changer.


Sir Richard Ells, thank you