The reality about ETN price. Compare its history to bitcoin's


For all of those people complaining about electroneum price, just take a look at this table:

This is the bitcoin situation after THREE years it was born. Now, the comparison is not so easy, since cryptocurrency was something truly unique and unknown to 99.9999% of the world population at the time. But even considering this, market cap of bitcoin after 3 years was ~23 millions $.

Electroneum is not even 1 year old, and it already is bigger and stronger than bitcoin when it was the same age.
Let electroneum grow. It is still a little pupper, yet it already achieved more Than ethereum, bitcoin or any other currency achieved during their first 10 months!!!


Bitcoin is like myspace. who is gonna be the facebook?


Everytime i see Bitcoin prices back in 2010-2011, it breaks my heart. I was out fooling around in highschool spending money in no good parties and B-List women!!


Weren’t we all? :thinking::man_facepalming:


I was in my 2nd year of university (2010-2011). I legit remember my buddy trying to get me into BTC and then me laughing and thinking that digital currencies were just for gamers and drug dealers at the time that would easily be able to be hacked. He sunk a couple hundred bucks… I continued working part-time as a short order cook. Oh, the regrets. lol


Oh gosh, I even still have an email from 2011 where I was telling a buddy of mine that I was looking into BTC. I was researching it, and at the time I had concluded that it wouldn’t go anywhere. My reasoning was that I didn’t quite know how to even purchase it, plus my thinking was that if you couldn’t buy gasoline with it or go to the grocery store to use it, then it would never be useful. In addition to that, every other day there were reports of flash crashes. I actually thought BTC would fade. So I never got into it and even forgot all about cryptos. I could kick myself!! Of course, there are plenty of stories of people who thought the same way that were buying it, but ended up throwing out a hard drive with $17million worth or paying pizza delivery guy 10,000 BTC as a tip.


You don’t have to regret anything. Personally, I wasn’t ready to invest any single coin in cryprocurrency until I started talking about this subject with a close friend who invested in an ASIC for another algorythm. The very first question was “How does it work?” and we spent hours and hours eating pizza at restaurants trying to explain each other the mecanism of blockchains.
Weeks after I invested in my first crypto and that directly was Electroneum. What a luck. October 2017.
I don’t regret Bitcoin because ETN will give us the same possibility. The same factor of benefit. x50, x100, or maybe more.
I don’t regret BTC 2010 because I know that ETN will change my life in a soon future.
Dho, the S word was spread.
Sorry for that.



I bought 200 BTC around 2010-11 and then i forgot all about BTC and the computer went obsolete and ended up in the garbage, if i could turn back time:) Now i got ETN and that is NOT going out in the garbage.

Think if every one of us go out and help at least one friend to get ETN and we help them to get one more friend in to ETN, and we did that every month. That will make us millionaires weary quick. Then the job to the ETN company will be much easier when signing new contracts, guess what happens then? our friends will be millionaires. Happy days



What is this, exactly?


If you bought BTC then, you’d have AAA list babes right now. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.


Now we will wait for a change of redemption maybe… :slight_smile:


:smile::smile:… u dont say.