The race to 100etn payout


So. The first 100 ETN payout for mobile miners was on Feb 10th 2019
19 days after the update on Jan 22.
Congratulations electromooneum :slight_smile:



Can you ‘do the math’ for me please :slight_smile:

Was actually thinking to. But if you could. :slight_smile:


Electromooneum was earning just over 5 ETN a day in order to get 100 in under 20 days.

The average miner will probably get more like 4.5 ETN a day from what I understand…

Through cloud mining, you can get 100 ETN every 22 to 23 days.

Edit: The 4.5 ETN a day is a speculation, as of right now the average android mobile miner is getting much less, more like 2.6 etn a day… It’s expected that the cloud miners will do better than that.

Electromooneum is getting ETN via mobile mining much faster than the average miner.


Got my first 100 etn payment last night. Congrats to you electromooneum!


I earn too from 3,5-6,2 etn per day as you can see in my excel… But i have 160 referals…



Going up nicely … new cloud mining is great


About 50 new users get their payout have a look:


Great observation :slight_smile: 20s



Im at 80 ETN so very close to the payout, loving the cloud miner. So much easier, cleaner and smarter than the previous version. This should do very well.


Still on 54 something, since my last mm10 on the 20/1. I’m hoping cloud will speed things up. :slight_smile: