The race to 100etn payout


There’s two different plugins


These is only one in the link I provided above :slight_smile:


64% the way to payout.


I’m at 97.35. I would probably be at 100 already if my app didn’t keep logging me out over night.


The number of miners keep falling… 102,415 active


How is there only 101,912 active mobile miners?


now it’s down to 101,740

Edit2: 101,581 active miners atm…


Could it be android phones going offline…


You do have whale size FOMO! :slight_smile: hehe


I would call them Orca Bags


I get almost as excited about getting free ETN with other free coins as I do with buying larger amounts of ETN coins :slight_smile:


I am back to work and have more money than time the life of an engineer.


You are the Professor of ETN Engineering :slight_smile:


Maybe FOMO Professor now I got enough to know I will be ok. It was tough for a few months there.


Looks like you are going to take it.
Don’t forget to post the screenshot. :slight_smile:


Any date release yet for Android users on the cloud mining?


What do the IOS cloud miners currently have?

Is anybody close to 100ETN payout on IOS cloud?

I started Friday 25th Jan


As far as I am aware it is only on Apple phones right now.


I haven’t seen or heard anything on the Android cloud mining it could be sooooon though :wink:


I am on 29.48 ETN on iOS. I downloaded first day but about maybe 8-10 hours after launch (I was asleep down under).


I downloaded and commence mining 17:37 CET.

I added one referral code 2 days ago which has so far given me 0.22ETN