The race to 100etn payout


Just completed 24 hour iOS beta cloud mining, result: 4.32 ETN/day

100 ETN payout every: 100 ETN / 4.32 ETN/day = 23.15 day

1 year = 4.32 * 365 = 1576 ETN/year

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I doubt zero7 will… it’d be mighty nice to be proven wrong though. :slight_smile:


Same values here with beta iOS on iPhone 8 :+1:t2:


The team are still promoting the product as giving users a few dollars a month. I’m guessing they are expecting a huge jump in price. At the current payout rate etn would need to be over 10cents. :slight_smile:


24 hours Android mining test.

Started test 6pm 1/29/19 at 46.91
Ended at 6pm 1/30/19 at 52.44

Result: 5.53 ETN/day

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so lets say 60etn a month. to be modest.
then etn is valued at 0.05 cents to make $3.


Month worth. It will adjust to people in. So it will go down. But it can be as a loop, people hurry in to mine before number of coins drop in link to price, expanding fast,. Like a race. It can be like a virus, 2-4-8-16… so on a point it hit critical mass, and then viral. Like face. And Snap. Remember i was of early adopt with snap, on holiday, no one ever heard of it.
Now i got snapfriends all over.
It might be Etns plan.


Let’s see who’s almost there!
1st payout is obviously worth the most, whoever get it is going to be instantly famous!
My progress bellow- and might I add how exciting it is to have 101k active mobile miners.


Looking good.
This is getting quite exciting and Im not even mining!
Thats got to speak volumes doesnt it!



@electromooneum and @LAZYTRADER were in the lead, but also have much higher hash rates.

Will their equipment pass “tech inspection?”
(Motorsports joke :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Might have to set up a LeMans style class system @Pahini .

50+ hash is LMP1:

30+ hash GTE Class:

Edit: looks like we’ll need a 40+ class too…


Well in the 30.34 hsh im now on 40.57


Haven’t been kicked off in a while now. I hope this keeps up


Below 30 hash: Robin Reliant Class




How do they survive the first turn?



Looks like I’m in the lead, for now anyway.


With how much the price is rallying I wish I bought more ETN while it was down… :frowning:
This is the woes of being a Crypto Enthuiast…


Also a FoMo Enthusiast.
Crypto runs in waves.
Work hard, save your money while you wait for an entry point on more ETN.
Alternatively invest in something else that hasnt started its run yet.
Sometimes you get a nice surprise and flip for Electroneum.

Just Remember, this is Crypto.
If you buy , you always have your coins.
●You Win, You learn-You Never Lose.
Unless you sell.
Good luck


What’s the current pay rate of the mobile miner?
I imagine the .18 and .2 etn per hour payout rate has dwindled now that 20000 more mobile miners are active.
I am not sure…


As far as I’m aware the payout depends on the price, not the number of miners.