The race to 100etn payout challenge


Just looked at my miner, which currently reads 0 active miners.

Perhaps the switch to cloud on android has begun?


yea thats what i thought when mine did the same a few days ago.


Or perhaps some peoples connection to the MM isnt being counted like it shows in your screenshot. This would also explain why the numbers appear to be dropping slightly. Whatever the reason, it doesnt matter. The numbers will without doubt increase steadily from here. I think when people start getting their 100etn payments that will be when they start recommending it to friends and family and we will see even more accelerated growth in numbers.


yea, and if we hit 3cents then everyone will want those 3 dollars. :slight_smile:

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Anyone at 80 ETN pending or higher?
@electromooneum probably has more than 80


yea hows that leaderboard looking people? :slight_smile:


I’m at 86.16 …


1086.16 :slight_smile: @Zero7 :wink:


Closing in on payout time!

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Just so everyone knows the Bittube browser (chrome extension) is paying good tubes atm. You can just put it on autopilot watching videos. I was making 3-5 tubes per day, but yesterday got 10.5 tubes. You can either keep the tubes (a good project) or sell them on an exchange like Ogre (min 0.00010000btc) for ETN (awesome project). Note: Takes 60 confirms to deposit Tubes. But damn 10.5 tubes yesterday I was like whatttttt! Easy way to buy ETN every few days!!!

I have tubes going to the exchange now to buy ETN!!! @Tanwax FOMO!!!


i’ve tried again, but can’t get the bittube extension to sign in.
does it require a new account? im siged in on bittube already.


I think I set-up a new account(using different email)/wallet (automatic).

Check the Bittube website for details.

Feel free to use my referral link if you want.!2JPM2BDAW

You get 5 free ETN when you start.

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Can this work on a mobile or desktop only


Does the etn come from you? :slight_smile:


Its a desktop chrome plugin. Not mobile yet.

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Bummer , soon hopefully

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63.67 ETN in my pending balance at the moment, who’s at that 92+ pending?

I know that someone is nearing the finish line, and I want to know who will get the very first 100 etn mobile miner payout.

This is history-
ETN is upgrading it’s mobile miner, and allowing anyone to cloud mine with just a quick selfie!

Electromooneum isn’t using an apple device to cloud mine right? I believe they are in the lead


The Tubes thing dosn’t work for me I get Zip it is all ETN for me.


Yeah works for me so I guess that’s the most important thing :wink: Looking forward to my payout today!

Not sure why people having trouble putting in a simple chrome plugin :slight_smile: hehe


I use fire fox tubes is shat bumpy video