The race to 100etn payout challenge


Its just to buy, i dont see very rally. Its ok, but no rally. Its not on yet. Just a little buying, but traders still very in place. Sub 200 good buy

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Do we have more pay-outs when the numbers of users increase ? And are we getting lesser each of us?

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Payouts will enevitably decrease over time. :slight_smile:


I lock my phone or fart and it stops mining. :slight_smile:


So its your farts that keeps knocking mine off … :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy:


I guess we are gonna lose this one hahahaha somebody flying upstairs :joy:




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Nah, although this one maybe shopped.

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@electromooneum Thats running on Nitrous!!


Lost so many active miners…Sub 104k active miners…
How were so many of the new miners Android miners?


Good Question.
Are they changing over maybe…
I dont mine…Ask @MSystem or @BegaMutex
Theyre both really clued up.
As is @ColinSTE

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Yeah some miners switched to cloud and the system could have thought there was two people if the loss of a miner is slower than the addition of new miners but that sounds strange…
It’s very likely a lot of the surge in active miners was from returning android users who are not interested in using the current miner since the cloud miner will be out soon.
It certainly doesn’t help that the mobile miner needs needs 100 etn before payout. Makes the cloud aspect even more appropriate.

Edit: wow, 100,590 active miners atm
Edit2: nevermind, 103,740

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Someone will clarify for you.
I think only a team member could really give an accurate idea of the difference in figures.

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Yeah the 100 payout seems to be aligned to paying the mobile bill. Now for the price to get to 3 cents > $3 per month. :slight_smile:

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I want that phone lol … imagine the etn you could make in a year lol


seems better than most asic options. :slight_smile:


how does it seem to be? that would be interesting?
i did look into finding pricing plans for some telcoms.


Seems to be…as I don’t work in the Electroneum team and know the whole game plan (and payment algo) but…

Website home page:

“This is in part due to our revolutionary business model that allows us to reward users with up to $3 USD worth of ETN every month.”

“Begin using a new form of digital payment that pays you back! No bank account required. Receive up to $3 USD worth of ETN every month, which you can save or spend at an ever-increasing number of local retailers and mobile operators.”

Someone on the forum has done some calculations on telco bills in various countries and the payout impact but can’t remember who.

For me this implies an expectation of a price rise (about 4x) within the ETN team (they would know what might substantiate that move).

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theory checks out. :slight_smile:

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I was thinking about this the other night when i saw the numbers dropping off. The only conclusion i could come up with was that some people who were using Android to mine have switched to iOS and for a short time they were included in the total miners count, twice.

I was an iphone user from the very first iphone to the iphone X. I got rid of it amd switched to the samsung S9 in December 2018. I gave my iphone X to my 13 y/o daughter. Having never mined a single etn on my phone i was suddenly able to join the party. Then a week later they announced IOS mining LOL!!!

Now me and the wife have samsung S9’s, if we wanted to mine etn using the mobile miner it would be so much easier to download the ETN app on my daughters iphone and log in and start cloud mining so i dont need to keep restarting the android version 5x a day. This is what i think is happening and why the numbers went up, and now dropping off. I thought about doing it. But decided to hold off for android cloud mining.