The race to 100etn payout challenge

looks like you might win this race… :slight_smile:

looks like i might need to change phones.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new leader!

(Already more lead changes than an F1 race! :rofl:)

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Hahaha yeah game over folks lol
50 hash … that’s unreal …

I get 30 on an Samsung s8 !! The s7 gave 38 and the s6 pumped out 40… I was lost the s8 is more powerful but…

yea, the back of my head says phablet or photoshop… can’t understand. :slight_smile:

Hows the leaderboard looking? :slight_smile:

I’m at 30.56 at the moment.


do you have an LG g7 by any chance?

It’s a Samsung S9+…

25.16 etn in my pending right now, wondering when someone will have the first papyout from their mobile miner


How many referals? i have 21 ETN ATM and have more than 150 referals…


It almost seems completely random, I’ve seen budget $10 android 6 phones run smoothly, ‘mining’ more coins than a flagship phone with referrals. How do you find it with 150 @Mr.CryptoCZ ? :slight_smile:

Congrats on your 150 referrals, I only have 2.
I’m now up to 44.89 ETN.


got for now 31.74
And I have 17 reveral .I think the miner is little bit slower than before .


There are 94000 mobile miners atm! This is good for ETN’s growth but bad for the original first movers of mobile mining because we have to share the payout with more and more people. We are certain to see a smaller pay out with so many mobile miners.

That being said, we aren’t supposed to be looking for substantial income we are looking for a fun way to introduce ourselves and others to sending crypto currency to themselves or others!

The future is looking exciting.

I currently have 27.18 etn in my pending balance and I coincidentally had a payout right before the update so I started with 0 ETN on the 22nd of December.

Those who have referrals and are looking at the miner to make sure it doesn’t close will win the race to 100 etn payout…


The first person to hit 100 ETN will receive 1000 coins from me :+1:



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“Mine” faster!


The race to 1000 done :smiley:
It takes almost 1 year nonstop mining…


I’m now on 28.64 may yours all close down and mine stay open hahahhahaha

Only kidding , may the best person win…

That’s very kind of you @Zero7 :clap:

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wow, :blush: thanks for the support… i like my nuts too much. :slight_smile:

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