The race to 100etn payout challenge


First to post a confirmed mobile miner payout.


Who will get the first 100 how long will it take?


Largest cloud payout. Paused payout awards.


How much ETN is pending for your cloud miner?
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Interesting… I was at 9.69 ETN when they made the change. Head start? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The race begins …

I’m on 14.1

Only 30hs though :rofl:


My phone broke a few weeks back. App was running fine on droid 7 but on my new droid 8 it stops running constantly. Don’t think I’m gonna win. :slight_smile:


I get the same issue , on off on off …

But soon cloud mining so it’s all good…



18.81 ATM :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Used to have that problem, but some recent updates appear to have fixed that. Not sure if it was the app or the phone though


Dammit , just as you think your in the lead some one not naming names @Dr_Jan_Itor comes along and beats you hahaha …



8.18 and miner keeps stopping. Not stopping as often as it did a couple of weeks back, but I’m not going to be in the lead with this one. Fun to follow though :slight_smile:


If they had waited a couple more hours to switch it, I’d be in the back of the pack.


I even took this screenshot when the announcement came out, but never posted it.


At least it’ll be a while til the phone farms can dump again, should stabilise the price a bit before the conference. Probably a smart move. Payout rate really shouldn’t affect onboarding.


Yup , a wise decision by the team


Im on 18.54 at the moment…:laughing::laughing::+1:


Oooooo that’s close… 1st and 2nd place so far neck and neck … going to be a looooooonnng race lol


damn it jan it… :slight_smile:



well good god damn, what phone is that?? :slight_smile:


LG G7 thinq…


i don’t understand why the hash rate is soo high? have you used your referral code loads ?


Not used any codes. Its always 50+