The Prediction, One Week From Now!

In this throwdown you get to predict exactly one week from now two things, #1 what ranking you think ETN will have on (sitting at 59 at time of this writing). #2 What you think the value will be.

My rank guess is 23 and value is 0.037265 cdn (Canadian, as I am Canadian, lol) Your turn… and go!!!

I can’t wait when ETN hits 0,3$ because then I’m quitting my job for I hate it so much :rage:

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You aren’t the only one who thinks like that @MinerETN :yum: And my guess is we could see 0,02 or 0,025 I hope :thinking:

As of this moment of writing ETN is sitting on in Rank 51 in perspective on Sept 21st it was ranked 83d. This is super awesome!

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