The Pokemon Go like app for Cryptos called Aircoins


Through a Proof of Effort algorithm users are rewarded in cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency coins spawn on the map around you and you have to go find them and collect them with your phone. The app shows you on a map where they are and also has an on the ground pointer guide using your camera it guides you to the coins to collect them. They float in the air on your camera and you press on them to collect them.

I see this primarily as an opportunity for us the ETN community that are in the more affluent countries that want to help people in the developing countries. In the future they will let you drop coins on the map.

This app is still in the early stages but on their telegram I asked if I could drop Electroneum on the map in developing countries and they said that functionality will be added in the future. You can’t withdraw the coins yet to your own wallet but that functionality will be added. It’s still early stages.

I think if the Electroneum team got in contact with the aircoins team and collaborated to let us drop coins on the map in developing countries this would be a good thing and would further the goals of ETN in getting developing countries included in the world economy.

Be safe when collecting. Pay attention to your surroundings.


Great stuff! I just dowloaded the app on IOS.


Thanks @Aironeous downloaded and will have a play…