The option to buy credit for AnyTask

The possibility to buy a gift voucher (code) for anytask. This code is transferable. One can give this code away to someone else for a birthday, father’s day, mother’s day, or a giveaway on for example on youtube, etc. etc. With this code you can buy tasks on anytask

Similar to what your saying.

I looked there on site. Yes to use. I don’t know how it works there.
How to buy a regular job on Anytask. You could also buy a gift voucher.
It is up to the team how to fill it in for further details.

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You can also use this code for marketing. for example electricity top ups.

For example, if a top-up has been done. A gift voucher for anytask

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Organizing events ( On social media ) example
etn t shirt design competition.
The winner a gift voucher. ect ect

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Thanks License. We have lots of plans for the AnyTask gift cards. I’m afraid we’re unlikely to sell them as it then becomes a taxable event, but I will ask that question and get back to you!

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