The next financial crisis

Sometimes i watch THE Money GPS on youtube and it is interesting. So what i will like with this thread is to discuss the next financial crisis and start with the post i left in the comment. The commen was ETN friendly :slight_smile:

What you are pointing out in several of you’re videos is proof of change. And the world is changing and it is like a war, you never know where or how the enemy gone strike next. Emerging markets are crashing and banks lives on borrowed time. We can easily blame the banks for not being responsible but they need to earn as much as possible so the owners are happy, and they do it in the framework the politician have made. I do belive the economy can live tru some of the indicators you have pointed out, but there is something that could tip the balanse in both directions. The strike the financial institution didn’t count, Cryptocurrency.

A product of last financial Chrises was Bitcoin (BTC). BTC was the T-ford of cryptos and the last few years the development of cryptos have skyrocket. It is not that BTC changing the world, it is the idea that changing the world. As my debt is eating my and strangle my freedom it coms more and more clear for me how the money system works and why the idea of BTC rises from the ashes of the financial Chrises 10 years ago.

The most important thing about banks, have for me and probably many mor been the security I wish I needed. But in the race the banks cared less about my future, and my pension become a speculative asset they could play around with. I got 20 years to retirement and my first 20 years of saving can be gon in a blink of an eye. I dont thrust my bank any more.

That leads me back to cryptos and the idea it is. So I start som smal buy every month when I got my pay check, not the big amounts, only the money I normally us on shit I dont need. My favourite coin to by is Electroneum, a coin for the unbanked a coin that actually doing the idea of BTC only a lot better. So when I save I save for a good cause. Electroneum and al the other working coins are living the idea that coms from the last financial Chrises.

So vat will happen is the lack of thrust in banks will lead people in to cryptos the same way Apple change the world. I might cal it internett 3.0 . The next Chrises will be for those ho didn’t understand or wasn’t prepared for that change. The change is impossible to stop and many will suffer, and it might be a change in power. This is a naturell evolution not a revolution. Happy days


great write up. the amount of borrowed money is very concerning, i hope there is no crisis, the last one was bad enough.

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It isn’t any wonder some experts are recommending using cryptocurrencies as a hedge.

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It is coming I keep following it also yesterday I watched this one if you all are interested they usually cover a lot of facts around this why and how and when it might happen:

I keep reading the next economical crisis will be around 2020. USA and China trade wars

Me to @YoC i think around 2020-2021 is going to be huge years for the Crypto market :thinking:

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