The next Electroneum phone a convergence device?

Goal: To lower the cost of entry for people in the developing world to participate in the global online gig projects.
Convergance device: It means your phone can also be a deaktop

We have been headed towards Convergance for some time. We have KDE Neon and plasma mobile, Pure OS and the librem5 and Samsung Galaxy Dex.
For the next Electroneum phone you could have an “Entrepreneur edition” with a little higher specs and ships with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and USB c to HDMI cord. Have a hardware switch, stick to Android Go but use libhybris to run a Linux desktop distro on reboot.

Interesting idea I like the concept, once gig site is live we will have a better grasp on how inclusive it will be. Having a “gig phone” with higher specs geared for those providing gigs is a good thought. It will be interesting to see the usability of the gig site, I’d like to see something like this down the road.

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I can say this…

I have Samsung and say i use bluetooth mouse and keyboard with dex and it is amazing.

The mouse is laggy but its a cheap one from ebat…

So yeah this integration would be amazing

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Yeah. They could preload the phone with productivity apps - apps that can help them learn a skill or perform a service that will earn them money on gig guru. Maybe they can get 2 months free trial membership to skillshare ($2) unless that will eat their data. There are productivity apps free on Linux that they could earn money with. They could learn to code and become part of open source projects. I think there is a website with free college books from Bill Gates, someone mentioned it on 9GAG.