The myth about Volume = Spike in price!

I see the Same old Views about Volume being needed in order to see a spike in price are coming up again…!!
A High Volume is NOT needed for price to increase…(I’m not saying we don’t need more Volume, I’M saying it doesn’t necessarily affect the price)

Let me give you an Example… :wink::wink::smiley:
PayPie (PPP) currently 65 in CMC
PayPie…$1,428 in volume up from $1,321…Market cap up from $6M to $59M with no volume.!!!..As You can see You DON’T need any volume to hit a reasonable Market cap and for price to increase…!
Up from $0.07 to $0.73 in 4 and a half hours with an increase of ONLY $107.00 in VOLUME…!!!


Well. S.hitcoin. :joy:
If you sell 100$ its down 50mill.
Should be s minimum volume to get counted on cmc. This is only a try to attention for bucket with cow shi…