The mobile mining is doing good

The Electroneum mobile mining is considerably doing good and paying out when the minimum is reached but I’m feeling lazy to mine these days
Who else is not mining and why?

I’m rarely mining because I don’t need to. I rather let that ETN go to people in third-world countries


But would that affects if more people are mining

I run my Mobile App everyday 24/7 and have been doing so since I was chosen in beta phase 2.

Hash Rate is 30.xx h/s

But since the 14th September my mining payout has drastically dropped off.

I was getting 10 coins every 2-4 days, then every 5-7 days and now it’s every 10-11 days for the last 4 payouts.

26th October (pending)
16th October
6th October
27th September
21th September

Anyone else noticed this dramatic drop in payout, particularly if you’re connected 24/7 ?

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Ermmm yes but I think it’s still cool

Yes, it slowed for everyone.

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If i have so low reward i didnt do it and stop mining :smiley: good that i am not afected with this issue and due to my army of referals total 156 i mine 0,2 etn per hour :smiley: like you can see here i add there new section payouts from my mobile miner from april till today total over 1700 coins :wink: :

October data from my miner - you can download it and put there your data:

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Wow that’s awesome I have been referring people but I normally don’t give out my code

So you need to change it 20 people with your code its if they are active 100% boost :wink:

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