The Long Haul and Why I am Happy to Wait

Hello Everyone! First off I am glad to be part of this community! I felt compelled to write about how I feel about Electroneum and why I love it so much. First off let me tell you I was in right from the I.C.O. stage (initial coin offering) In the early days times were tough, deadlines were missed and renegotiated. This led to a lot of pissed off people. I was not one of them. I saw value in that the team did not want to rush release without making absolutely sure our security / their security was not going to be compromised. They were transparent in telling us the investors what they were doing and why. They even showed videos working hard around the clock in the earlier days. This made me happy. It’s great to see this transparency and feel like you are being involved in what they are doing. This made me happy enough to invest in even more ETN coins. I even bought a couple of mugs and sweat shirts that’s how much I was invested in this gang, and still am. In this Crypto community world so many people are looking for the quick super fast buck. When dynamic changes happen and things shift for better or for worse while companies work out strategies and implementation of those strategies, frustration can become a way of life. The vision these guys have with Richard leading the way is nothing short of epic. All good things take time to cultivate. Look at what inroads they have made (many at the time of this writing) and then sit back and relax knowing the train is going in the right direction. That said there are a lot of people still unaware of what cryptocurrency even is. Two to three years from now ETN will be strategically placed in an excellent position to be competitive because they continue to expand, increase, and build community. This reason alone is well worth the wait and why I love this coin so much. What does ETN mean to you? Cheers and have a great day!

Welcome to the community @Thunder ! Glad to have you here with all of us i personally really like ETN and the future they are aiming for i been in here since the ICO also and been patiently waiting and buying more each month and i Will keep patiently waiting for a much longer time to come! I can’t wait for the future of ETN and Where they Will bring it only thing i can say is… ETN to the moon! :rocket: :sunglasses:

Welcome and thanks for sharing your opinion I’ve been here for awhile and have always planned to be in for the long haul :slight_smile: welcome aboard

The price has never bothered me in the sense that I got into the project planning on it one day being very big and popular this is not going to happen overnight, the thing that got me into Electroneum and still even now I think is its biggest selling point is how easy it is to setup and use. Even with all these deals and different things in place I still think the simplicity of ETN is a big selling point when I first used the mobile app I was sold.

KYC has added some complication but like everything this is the first stage of implementation they will of course make it as smooth as possible. I have seen some people saying that it defeats the purpose of crypto but it was never Electroneum’s goal to take on the Establishment it was ultimately for mass adoption and ease of use I feel like that is still there main focus there have been some hicups here and there but KYC makes sense for mass adoption we are seeing more and more evidence of that in the cryptomarket in general. I see some people are worried about this but its in ETN’s interest to have as many customers as possible so believe me they are gonna make it as easy as they can to signup they want your custom.

So my hopes are also still very positive for ETN and everyone in the community, woops didn’t mean to write so much sorry got lost in the flow. :smiley: