The Importance of Community


Ive been in this community for a while now, long enough to see the future of Electroneum and ETN as a coin. it’s just simply a fact of MASS ADOPTION, I understand where this will take us and want to be in the front when it hits us and as Richard says it will be “soon” with all that I have read on the subject since it has ICOed and I joined in, I have found that Electroneum are world leaders in what they are doing even moving their direction from gaming to banking the unbanked. This is where the coin earned respect in my eyes and I believe many others also and has such a following because of this and such strong leadership. Richard put about a million of his own money into this coin before he decided to do an ICO and has two other successful businesses which leaves them in good stead. I can’t stress enough how much I know that ETN will succeed and with the iOS BETA coming out I know that other world leading companies are now seeing the potential of our loved coin and all the hard work the Team have and are doing I can not wait for the BIG news’s to come out and can only speculate what it is. I think it will be using the subscriptions part of the patent pending and also a deal I saw with Ofcom with some pretty big names. Please speculate below what you think these announcements will be.

Thanks all
Magic to you!


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Thanks for sharing Magic! :grinning:

There truly is no other project quite like our ETN, ALL things considered. Excited for the future and happy to be a part of this community.

I really don’t do much at all with social media or forums, but after lurking around here for a few weeks, felt compelled to join in. Thanks for having me!




@Dr_Jan_Itor Was it your link with the Ofcom deals that I was speculating on?



Great post, this is truly a special place. The community really is great, not only have we been through a lot but we know the future really is BIG. The team are working hard making some absolutely huge decisions that will lead us to mass adoption. I would love it to be subscription based then for us to partner with a big company. But I have no idea. Never heard of a deal of ofcom aren’t they regulators of communications?.. Care to share



I will try and find the link I was thinking may or may not be based with Electroneum. I also believe they may have some sort of Netflix or Amazon Prime deal in the works but this is just the type of BIG speculation I’m talking about! And only my opinion.




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Nope. I had to Google what ofcom was lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@Dr_Jan_Itor It’s a Regulationary body that would collaborate lots of technologies together.



Thanks for the input! :sunglasses::v:

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stop your finger pointing! :slight_smile:

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Yup agreed , great team that listen and get things done . Might have a few setbacks along the way buy hey if everything went perfectly we would be asking questions.

The community is proof that etn has a big future , we help each other we are united in the support of the coin and its goals.

We have our squirrel army…



You remember the article Chris it had Samsung Ericsson and AT&T in it!? Or was it @PrestoCrypto that posted it?

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Might of been @prestoCrypto , I’ve seen and posted that many things , it all seems to joining together hahaha



The important of community!! :sunglasses::v:

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Nice topic, shiny, shiny.
I cant really be near any speculation right now.
Im still suffering post traumatic FoMo purchasing from listening to @Tanwax yesterday.
Ive come to the conclusion that I am indeed a cryptoholic.
The battle rages on in my mind “Stop It…I Like It !,!”
Only one way to allieviate the symptoms…just buy some more.!



Magiic, well mushroomed man!



Thanks! It came to me in a vision like this post and are Electroneum going to be M2M!?



I can’t recall either I remember that though! :sweat_smile: I feel the same way @Plankton we all do our own part and work together as a community :+1::zap: many different points of view on the same understanding. It’s great to be behind such a impactful project and this community will be beside Electroneum driving it there :zap:



Out of :heart: Again group :neutral_face: sorry!



Just do it @Pahini and speculate!!