The impact of Electroneum team putting a 10,000,000 ETN winner pot for DOTA 2


The largest Esports annual prize pools are broken down here in USD.

Clearly DOTA 2 is leading with a 2018 prize pool of $25,532,177.00 so the 2019 prize pool will be even bigger.

The online viewer statistics of the annual can be found here.

Total views of all channels is 566,793,964. This is a significant number of views and does not count various other websites that stream these matches such as
or ESPN or any other additional TV or online coverage.

So what if the Electroneum team put up a 10,000,000 ETN winner pot for the DOTA 2 International 2019?
What do you think the impact would be?

Optionally: they could go halves with a mobile carrier and each put up half the prize
or even the mobile carrier could get sold on putting up 100% of the prize
or the mobile carrier could put up a smaller prize for the monthly and quarterly tournaments
or some combination of the above.
A consultation with someone knowledgeable in esports might help, maybe try TotalBiscuit on youtube with 2.2 million subscribers.


Honestly would rather they do not do that as we do not need the focus of this coin to be some gimmicky give away coin. Also would rather see those coins go to hundreds if not millions of people via mobile mining that could really use the few extra bucks especially for those people in developing countries.


Doge put his name on a Nascar car. A lot of ppl saw that and the result…well not so good.


Woof Woof! Lol that is classic! Wonder if doge car was powered by dodge? :thinking:


Well I would say that is bad placement and bad execution. Do Nascar watchers know how to buy and use DOGE? No. That’s a static picture on a car, not an interactive link or ad. I don’t see the comparison.


How is it suddenly gimmicky because of doing a winner pot prize when 25 million US dollars are the winner pot prize? So is the US Dollar now a gimmicky fiat?


There are powerful brands who sponsor the DOTA Tournaments and this will require a lot of cash from the ETN team… and why would a mobile carrier involve into this?
There is little to no gain for a mobile operator
Not to mention that Valve will want a cut
So the ETN team will need to put at least 5.000.000$ for prize money pay Valve another 5.000.000$ and 10.000.000 ETN and we will not be the biggest sponsor.
Valve(steam) is a beast and Brands will pay a lot just to be associated with it.


There is something in this idea…


First off, there are independent companies putting up region specific smaller amounts as weekly, monthly and quarterly prize pools. Go check it your self.

I don’t think Valve was like, “Nah we don’t want you drawing customers to our game! How dare you! We’re gonna need a little something, something!”

Why do they do this? Go ask them but they do it. It probably has something to do with ADVERTISING.

Mobile carriers: I pretty much explained it in the title post but it’s a case by case basis. Does a mobile carrier get more views by spending $50,000+ making a commercial or putting up a prize pool for an esports event? If I’m a mobile carrier I want those young tech savvy gamers to come to my network and mine Electroneum so I can get my commission on their mining not the other competitors network.


Electroneum team do not have to do this, but someone from the community or who believes in ETN can! I agree ESPORTS is really huge and gaming is the main reason why digital currencies are created! Everything is possible with the Electroneum API, just create an ESPORTS website integrate the API and organize a DOTA 2 international like tournament. This can be done on all games, name it… Android, Pc, XBOX or PS4.


It would be a cool idea but I don’t see it happening I would rather see Electroneum focus on strategic partnerships in the gaming space like with steam for example would be really awesome I honestly think that they can gain more value out of strategic partnerships then to sponsor a Dota tournament would be cool for them to do but I don’t think they would reach the amount of people they would love to reach that would want to get ETN then and also then everyone but the unbanked start to use the mobile miner :thinking: