The Gig Economy payout


I am curious what the community thinks aboug this. I have been watching the ETN youtube vids and when describing the gig economy, it was compared to fiverr. @ETNCEO said the west is looking for cheap labor. Fiverr gigs pay $5 which end up being about $3 after fees and transfers. Will the hig economy pay less, more, or equal? I can’t imagine more becase then they will just go to fiverr. What do you think?


I personally would hope that it is a place to advertise for expertise and people simply offer an amount for a job to be done. Seems simple to me although I have no clue about fiverr.


That would be nice. Mr. Ells spoke of these people learning new skills. I wonder how long that process would take. Ideally, I think it would be even better if somehow the people could have a gig economy in thier own land. Ex: Man in town of africa advertises crop caring skills and another local pays etn for him to do that work. Problem is how do they get that much etn in the first place?


Very interesting thought :+1: imo I think they could do whatever they want. They are completing with fiver somewhat but Electroneum is creating their own ecosystem. The main purpose imo is to allow these services such as marketing/website design,ext to be offered to the US for instance (they pay 1000s USD for such things) at a lower price. Doesn’t necessarily need to be 5$ because the profit margin/conversation rate is huge already. To add they both will and won’t be competing with fiver. Somewhat for new adaptors of those who do not know what Electroneum but use fiver will be looking at prices and how they are alike. But Electroneum is creating their own ecosystem therefore the main use of the gig economy imo is for those already involved in Electroneum. I am very interested to see what the prices will be great question. I’m my conclusion I think the prices could vary and don’t directly need to be related to fiver . imo fiver is more of a way to explain the concept. The impact of having this gig economy will be massive in itself so any discount to current method would be attractive :zap: