The future sounds good,Check here:



Is this 99cents? He is famous now :slight_smile:


Yes thats matt, he is fast becoming one of the biggest content creators for electroneum…
He posts daily which i love :slight_smile:


crypto rich is still top dog in my opinion. He did the very first interview with richard. May have been the first to cover ETN also.


I Always look out for Matts videos on the drive in to work. Always a good listen.


This comment I agree with and like :

RJ Markoe

Every article ive been reading that pertains to the cryto world is that without regulation there will not be any business being done with coin by the government or any business. If coins are not on board with it then they will get left behind as well as their holders. These article dont metion ETN specifically but everything they talk about in terms of what coins should be doing ETN is already doing, and then some!!! I just got an email from the exchange that stated they will be delisting about 12 coins soon. So what does that tell u? The purge of actual SHIT coins from the market is happening and ETN will be right there at the top as one of the big boys very soon.


@MinerETN…Very Well Said…I agree 100%…:grin::sunglasses::+1:


My top watch is still Sean Davis and NWO :sunglasses: