The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread


I made a green face today​:nauseated_face::face_with_head_bandage::grimacing:
Viking will never drink again… for a while


The clock is tiking tik…tak…tik…tak 6 hours and a it si time to taste an old scotch


Holy shit, that’s big - very nice find… :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Why wait.
I used to work nights .
Id be wasted by 11am.
Those were the days…or maybe they were not.?
This may or may not constitute practical advice on the responsible consumption of Alchohol.
Please have fun!


I dont drink much, tok one bear on monday evening and havent tasted any one sinc, praboly no one this weekend i dont know. the whiskey was for @JonneHex because he praboly will love the taste of a old whiskey if the belly is twisting lol


My current price target for ETN for EOY 2019 is $7. Low $3, High $14. Assumes range of 5-20m active users. Will be interesting to check back to see how close this is. Would be happy with 50c :wink: In the meantime, looking forward to the Electroneum journey as it unfolds (been good so far) !!! :slight_smile:


I was just perusing a few figures of interest on website traffic analytics.
The website is
From there you can insert the company name or website.
Pretty cool site actually.
This forum represents 17% of electroneum traffic.
Thats huge! Well done folks!


all Invited here, M-Kid is back! :slight_smile:


Have we heard anything from him…?


yes, go here… Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

He just opened new thread


Perfect! Thanks! :+1::+1::+1::+1:


I got a good post to share about Mobilstreams as well I think most seemed to have looked over. They singed an agreement back in 2017 that gives them a massive reach. They could have a much bigger impact on ETN than most realize.

Take a look at this everyone.

Key point to show here is a potential reach going upwards of 850 million! That is in addition to the 100 million mentioned right above it totaling a potential reach of 950 million which is massive. Of course no idea how many out of that would end up using ETN, but the possibilities are staggering.

Here’s a link directly to the news on the Mobilestreams website.

Just noticed that link is on the Mobilestreams site links to another site announcing the deal, if you want to see the post on Mobilestreams itself go to their site.

Then scroll to the bottom left to see this deal for yourselves.


I have started round 3 of Fight the ETN Dump Club! Special thanks to everyone who has posted and kept up the good fight while I was away! image


Your a more viking than me, that consume bears… :smile::grin:


Holy shit, there he is! Woho. Welcome out of the cave!


And off to round 3 now. Goodbye waiting room, thanks for the love & laughs :rocket::sparkles::zap::purple_heart::chipmunk::green_heart::chipmunk::blue_heart::chipmunk:


Welcome back! Hurruwww @M-Kid came back


welcome back @M-Kid :chipmunk::chipmunk:


@Cosmicrypto can you please tell an admin like @MSystem to close this thread ?
…demi mini god is back :smiley:


Closed per request