The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread


Two hundred and fifty squirrels for that fine piece of
Be nice when it happens…keep up with your faith!


We should hear from M-kid soon :slight_smile:



It’s now 07:00 in England, 1hour left :hugs:

I’m curious what he has to say! :blush:


I think we will hear from him in about 6h…he lives in Florida its 2AM there…


Or maybe he is excited and wont have sleep :smiley:




It is 0733 London time now boys and girls.
Twenty five squirrels for your enthusiasm.!


This is something that everyone should read! oh gosh, how much sense does this get in the end, I get so much FOMO that is unbelivable…we are into something really really really BIGGG


Wee. Forum​:heart::pray:


You are a Champion in my eyes. :heart:
Youre Family would be very proud already without any badges!
Plus one hundred squirrels


Fantastic, Great job!


That is a great achivment, congratulations


Bow in the dust… :pray::metal:


@JonneHex I was the other one who got the New User of the Month badge :smile: - I dont know how as I dont post that much but am really happy about it :smiley:


You got it for being the happiest new squirrel of the month.
Not the biggest squirrel!
Congratulations …enjoying your input
One hundred squirrels for you also


Lol, I dont think wifey would call me happy :stuck_out_tongue:

Next stop, Professor status!!


Spotted on Twitter


Get ready to watch this rocket go past moon in the upcoming years​:blush::blush:


I made a green candle on Liquid. Happy Days