The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread


Greys & #D3D3D3 are new members with low trust level


i just tryd it and did not get a bage …lol

The time is no to go to zzzzzz


Classic @B.F.A hahah
One hundred squirrels!


They need a webstore on here where you can top up your supply of :heart: and those little squirrels I dont get on my android.!


(Warning: English is not my native language)
no idea what you are talking about my friend, but your comments are usually on fleek


Hay no worries my friend I bought the ETN at 85 SAT’s for you all is good and I have them all secure in my bag.


just realized it’s 01. Dec 2018
brace yourselves, @M-Kid has been rehearsing his Second Coming for 3000 years
and everything will be cool again…really soon


Wow. Earthquake in Alaska.
I watch news before bed, need to get the %in my blood a little down.:crazy_face:


Say it ain’t so Batman!


:rofl:Kkkkkkkkkkk… Bald Batman :rofl:


How are you my friend?
Are you getting some new followers and sign ups for your giveaways?


The guy who got me into crypto lives in Anchorage AK, I talked to him tonight to see if he was ok, he was fine, said it was horrible. Said there was so much damage you couldn’t even imagine


I just looked at it on the ABC news.
Even tsunami warnings…crazy stuff.


Get some. It was of good help I hope to acquire more followers


I will be working with my Brazillian friends probably this week.
I give them a personal mesage this time.
Sometimes better to show than just tell!


Just got awarded the Empathetic badge. Nice one - firm but fair. :wink:


Puddles your a clown with a great voice cheers.


When I watch this video my eyes even shine!


Welcome aboard !
You have truly earned that special badge.
Congratulations and thankyou for your support with earning my first one!
Plus five hundred squirrels


This time next year, that same order might only cost 5 ETN instead of 544.39. Just possible.