The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread


Yes sorry i was thinking aloud back there.

Opps… Many squirrels have many nuts…


Chill it’s all cool, nobody cares… :four_leaf_clover:


Loving the default name club going on.

Screenshot_20181130-223603 Screenshot_20181130-223024 Screenshot_20181130-224219


We are Borg! I am a Hexideximal if you all!


The system won’t let us change our Screen names. It must be a bug.


Keep them they are prized and rare…


The good news is that it makes it a lot harder to remember who ticked you off. LOL


Many squirrels have many smiles… :moon:


I am an ICO from the first and will not be a name I am a grey Hexedecimal Number


So do tell… How grey? :slight_smile:


If you want it done I know someone that can, just let me know… :wink:

Well actually, the @MSystem can … :slight_smile:


So, where did you pop up from.
And you got limited posting as new, if you dont know.
Or, new or new, you found this thread quick.:grin:


Well, off to drinks again, and dance obviously. It was a silent period after dessert. Im like a stuffed pig, with one foot soon


You just cant stay away!
Fifty squirrels


Im like a rash, or plague… :smile::grin:


Like a sixteen year old groupie at a metallica gig.


If you haven’t seen the news from today I posted earlier I think it’s worth taking a look :zap::zap::zap:


That is so true, many of us buy each week, but until we get some fresh investors having a hard time seeing us moving this price much without good news/deals…


It’s happening right before our eyes! :heart_eyes::zap: Great find @PrestoCrypto


Yeah someone told me you get a badge for deleting posts .I didnt believe it at first but we saw you deleting posts and figured we were missing out on the action so we joined the club!