The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread


Talking telcos I was surfing today and as a matter of coincidence came across ZAIN.
It operates in the target regions.well established.
(If you want to know and probably didnt)
“Zain” is a powerful name referring to beauty and grace.


This is Fantastic news for us…:+1:


Just posted by the Director of Electroneum Chris Gorman. It’s a great read! :zap::zap::zap:


What is the link to vote please? Thank you…


Here you go ! Get your daily vote in ! :+1:


Who indeed if a coin is at say 0.5p then is pumped to 2.4p GBP then is dumped who took the profits and who lost the profits. ASICS will always mine constant mining same as apple ‘PI’e… been in crypto a long time and all I can say is I have never made a trade ever. Apart from buying Bitcoin at 0.01p and Dash at a penny I regret selling Bitcoin at £20k and Dash at £1400 but some say I’m lucky, I won’t make the same mistake with ETN as I will have 5xed it twice before this post. Wait a minute. No I’m not telling the truth. I’m manipulating the market guys just HODL your coins or just spend them as you wish! Do not let people tell you what to do with what you own to devalue it. Have a great Future and live Life!


So M-Kid made a community fomo, from a small manipulation, and took profits all the way back down to here? That would be a twist in the tale.


Now that’s what I’m talking about! Nice find.


This is too much… Sooo many squirrels… :face_vomiting:


In my honest opinion he destroyed or stopped the bots that were on the exchanges, then the price went up due to FOMO and NEWS also timing. Then it was sell time, buy time and now he’s in it long time.


Yea there was something other than bots, miners and fomo going on. Interesting times we are in…


When M-Kid started this push to get the price of ETN up, ETN was under 100 sats. If he were crashing the market to take profits, it wouldn’t be at 206 sats right now. The problem is that we need NEW money in this coin. The community has done a great job, but they need reinforcements. Once we get KYC online, we will start to get a lot of new money into this coin.


Agreed, its interesting with kyc, I can see people saying when it will be live, but it already is, and the sign up process for new users has changed. So its all implemented. After the ‘go live’ date, it will just be mandatory. And some old accounts will get locked out forever. If its proved they were farming or fake. Those that didn’t want have already gone or moved to paper /CLI. So won’t affect the progress with app and partners. Unless partners will want all holders kyc’d. Who knows?


Once your bots have crashed a market you buy it all at, I think he said 55 sats and then you fight to get it higher. Once it’s that low 110 sats is double your money so 200 odd sats is a 4x on what was put in originally. This is only congegure though.


How come your name is grey? :octopus:



KYC is a done deal, it only applies to major deals to be put in place and will not affect the price.


I certainly believe there is nefarious activity going on behind the scenes on a couple of the exchanges to manipulate the price. However, we should be careful naming an individual as being a part of such activity, unless we have proof of such. Let’s keep libel out of this mix. :slight_smile:


I’m the Magic Man! :sunglasses::+1:


I never said anything about anyone but me!


No, not you, but user “3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7” did. I don’t think he was intending ill will, but rather talking out-loud without caution.