The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread


So far I am the one that clicked Who is M-Kid.
I couldn’t help it.


Definitely! Any advertisement is good advertisement ! Haha I’m getting my fiance some Etn gear from xmas


Cannot likey likey at the moment.No :heart::heart::heart: left
I had a bit of a spending spree with all the positive energy going around in here earlier before the Anthrax kicked in.
I can only assume the price went down and thats when the emotions kicked in.
I havent seen the price for 24 hours.
Thanks @BegaMutex for kicking in your two bobs worth.
I agree with you wholeheartedly. :heart::heart:
Some of us need a gentle reminder that the P.M exists for discrepancies between forum users.
Technology is disruptive enough without applying it to the very spirit of this particular topic.
Lets keep it civil for the sake of growing in numbers.
Promote and dont Demote.
I have a small army of squirrels working tirelessly on a masterplan.
Its all very secret squirrel stuff.
Its all very positive for the interests of this topic and those who believe deep down in what it stands for.


Hmmmm, ETN lingerie…that could be some specialist stuff! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If M-Kid gets banned again…



Unfortunately when I reworded it my vote was lost, I clicked that for fun too.


M_Kid 15 hours ago with Digitspin Crypto, YouTube was texting.


Some say he is the internet!


I very much :heartbeat: this but am also out! Great words I agree let’s build each other up by our understanding. We are all here to better ourselves let’s work together and learn and broaden our horizons. Once again I’ll say I think one of humans biggest faults is lack of understanding. So let’s build off of each other to try to build our individual understanding by facts. I’ve learned much by many of you and I’m very thankful for everyone involved in this community! I appreciate each of your opinions ! :+1::zap:


100% gain …nice .
3 more plugins might not sound much but wow how many more people are effected by the plugins down the line of customers and up the line from their suppliers hmmmm.?
The beneficial spinoffs from just one plugin are enormous.
Look at how many :heart: are on those coffee cups from @Nascimento in how long?..
A new chain of supply and demand is born with every plugin…just soak that up times 394 so far!!


I’ve just noticed that @jokke is suspended until Nov 14th 3018, we may not hear from him for a while! That’s how you control a viking invasion, if only we knew that a few centuries ago! Now where did I leave that longboat?


NOW FOR SOME SPECULATING NEWS ! :wink::zap::zap::zap:

Our partner Mobile Streams signs new direct billing deal with Indian telecoms giant ! :+1:

"MOS seals India deal with CoolGames

It means that the telecoms operator’s 100mln customers can now purchase apps on Mobile Streams’ store and add the cost on to their next phone bill."


Mobile Streams plc Welcome the 6 millionth user

Yeah, I was wondering about that country from the podcast vid when Chris was taliking about governments…


I wonder when the full second podcast will be released?? It looks like a good one!


Monday I think, I cannot remember but I’m sure it’s ‘soon’!


Yeah, even if people don’t use it to buy stuff it’s great publicity, tons of people will get to hear about ETN that wouldn’t have done otherwise, especially if the webmasters make a special announcement when they add it as a payment option.

I’m going to have a go at this soon, to be honest I don’t expect to make many ETN sales, but it’s there for the future. Soon every eBay customer will be getting a little note about how they can buy for 20% less!


Interesting speculation! Hopefully some ETN involvement here and some way to get around the government restrictions that are also holding up the Xius deal.


That is a nice find, 100 million users with a average of 5 ETN each…do the math and dream about the price fore 1 ETN


If they are able to purchase off mobile streams site imo once agreement is live we should see some payments made with Etn. Imo they are also working on upgrading kyc to get everyone accounted for and are definitely working to get xius agreement further along.


Thank you I’ve been digging for info today :+1:
I agree this is very nice. The potential is great here. I like math. :zap: