The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread


I think sometimes painful truths have to be suggested at least. Some people here are very new to Crypto (like me,)and don’t always understand the mechanisms that ‘can’ be employed by people (not pointing fingers here,) it’s just people looking out for people. I’m not out to cause offence, just saying it as I see it as I’ve been watching the thread with some frustration. Have a great whatever people. :beers::beers::beers::beers::beers:


In other news, One day to go before @Thunder secret Santa giveaway. BRING IT ON! I can’t wait to send my first Christmas gift. :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:


Is it just me thinking December will be one of the best months for ETN in 2018? if they deliver IOS,KYC, some partners, it will be a hell of a rocket! a rocket that everyone will be staring at :))


and it’s the holiday season! going to be great!!


Doesn’t really make a difference if you say price will go up due to news or will go down due to no news. Not gonna be any better if everyone always just seeing ETN moon every day!


Inpatience. I know. Alot could wish they had Adam Sandlers zap fastforward remote😄
The only ‘worrie’ i got is, why the hell didnt i buy more coins at 85sat…


No it isn’t. Christmas will be upon us soon, I feel like we could almost have an advent calendar of treats lined up from the ETN team, perhaps not 24, but you get the idea! HODL and accumulate if you can! * this is not investment advice!!!


Or waiting for noon in central/west north America #fingersceossedmaybe


Why aren’t you eating all the free food and drinking all the booze Viking? There’s a party going on and you’re here with us!


Maybe because you are better company?:smile::smile:… nah, we are waiting to be seated. Believe me, the viking will jump onto the buffè very ‘soon’


Don’t forget to put back up food in your suit pockets for later when you are very drunk. At least you can have a snack when the party is done!


Ew (20raw squirrels!!!)


Does enyone know what happend with jokke?
Or is he here with us with different name?:stuck_out_tongue:


They serve nightfood too.:blush:, after the fighting.


Well said…I Agree 100%…:+1::+1:


Jokke was exiled forever it seems. Shame that as I did like that nutter. Maybe one day he will return. Although I’m sure he is with us in spirit at least.


I’m just calling it like I see it & defending one of our own.

No matter what happens in the market OR what we think will happen to the market, we can’t be pointing fingers and calling other people’s opinions “BS posts”. This thread deserves a higher standard.


Ohh. Never know. He might stare at you from a cloud.


I am sure he could not just watch! I know i could not do it :slight_smile: this thing just drags you in :wink:


Humming to the shangrilase tune

“When M-kids back your going to be in trouble, oo la… oo la…