The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread


A gentle reminder that blatant attempts to manipulate or influence the trading decisions of other members for person gain (both up and down) will be removed …

I think we can all agree that the team have always prided themselves on not manipulating price in any way, but instead let the product do the talking…lets follow that example and do our best to leave agendas at the door please.


Maybe he’s looking for other people’s input/opinion on the low trading volume and the descending triangle forming…?

All I know is when KYC got pushed back to the EOY, M-Kid began speculating on the price going back below $0.01 and I didn’t hear any of you ridiculing him then.


umm he’s also currently banned…that was kinda the point of the previous post. Can we move on from this now?

  • Bitcoin has further to fall
  • Bitcoin will hold 4k price point and is bullish

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Wooh hay dude I am just hanging out collecting ETN and chilling.


I’m gonna join you @Tanwax :wink:


I still don’t get why you attack me guys - I support ETN 100% from the beginning ,bought millions of coins - The last 3 days more that 700000 coins.
Instead of relaying on your FREE coins - go and buy from the exchange.
Enjoy your weekend


Don’t take it personal @profit you can speak your mind. But speculating on price because of news being announced today is kind of interesting to say the least especially with you being such a supporter… We don’t need massive news to buy do we? I believe in Electroneum and support news or no news, don’t you?


Thank you for your contribution to ETN. Continue to hodl!!!


100% agree. No need for attacking other supporters of ETN for an unpopular opinion.

New golden rule: Treat everyone like you would treat M-Kid!!!


I need more likes. I will be back to like these! Off to collect more !


I agree, I will buy some 100k+ this weekend for sure :+1:


I would buy more, but i need to eat something till payday :DDD :joy:


Profit just had a thought. But, dont use numbers, just say that your afraid it can fall.
But anyway, so? Its just trading. But if there where any expectations of rise or news, it wouldn stayed flat pancake either. I cannot see any sign of rise of news expectations, so logical, why fall if there is nothing happens? :blush:, if a stock has a coming expectation, it rises forehand, or falls forehand, those trading for the classic sell on news, wants a rise. Not flat.
What brings the next days is up to you, and maybe crypto general, or new people buying.
If your here for the Long, lower price is more Etn, so thats good for wallet. If someone want to fill me cheap, so be it. :sunglasses:


Nobody attacked anybody, if ypu believe that someone who has stated (today) that him and 10 other people have a combined total of over 20m ETN and have a target of reaching 50m ETN in the foreseeable future comes into the busiest (by far) thread on this forum to state the price is about to crash… is stating this purely as an ETN supporter then you need your head looked at. This is not directed at you personaly, but people in general.
Then to insult people here who mine free coins… dont be so nieve people!

I hope his FREE coins jibe wasnt at me because every single one of my many hundred of thousands have all been bought and not a single one has ever been sold. I also dont try turn my coins from 800k to 1.2m by selling them and trying to buy back in when the price goes down because i made sure everyone on the forum heard me say the price is about to crash.


Just remember this

Divided we fall, United we stand…

NUTS TO YOU ALL… hodl hodl hodl…


Come off it already…serious thread pollution. make a new thread so you guys can argue.


But, but, He started it :blush: In the words of my 3 y/o


I’VE HAD IT, GO TO YOUR ROOM (In best Dad voice>


(2 fingers) in the attitude of my 16 y/o :joy: