The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread


The next podcast looks to be where we will find all sorts of happy, roll on Monday.


agreed. In the mean time we need Bitcoin to hold 4k


I expected the podcast to come out today, seeing as they released the trailer yesterday. Oh well looking forward to next week.


Get Excited! We are on the cusp of a really big thing. When M-Kid?


Yeah isn’t it 12/1/18 @ 08:00 somewhere in the world???


Right when M-Kid it is 8:00AM somewhere.


Speaking from no learned standpoint I have a feeling that BTC will go up sooner or later, too much for the real big whales to have at stake. Maybe there are a bunch of people just hovering over that buy button choosing the right moment…or maybe not… See how I clarified absolutely nothing there. I’m going into politics!


@wTz1 You need to start taking pictures with Ugly babies now for political reasons.


I’ll go fetch the kids! You can be my spindoctor @Tanwax. Look out President T I’m coming for ya! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not crucifying him…Just,…What’s the point of making that statement…?..You Not going to get ANY positive reaction or debate on this thread…:thinking::thinking::thinking:


Yeah what he said goes for me too 2X


yeah @profit, please state something long term positive about cryptocurrencies in general and we will be all good again :smile:


I am starting to think, This BIG thing from M-system might be the return of M-Kid :yum::yum:
cant wait to see his first post, i suppose it will be a long one :slight_smile:


It’s all part of the game… one side will win, one side will lose, and back and forth, back and forth…ad infinitum…

Meanwhile the ETN project carries on regardless.


No reason to get bent out of shape about it boys, @profit was only stating his opinion. He’s just another member of the community like you and you should respect that.

He didn’t tell you to sell, downplay the company, shill another coin, etc… so what’s the problem here??? This forum isn’t just for ETN moonboys.


You’re absolutely right…He IS entitled to his opinion… BUT…What i said was …Whats the point …?!..What reaction you looking for…? Especially on this thread…!:unamused::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:




Yeah and look where that got us…LOL


I when this short is closed BTC becomes ETN …finger on the buton!!!


:heart: @ImogenD

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