The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread


Where did you get the vectors for that or did you just make them? Or you don’t know and asked a third party to make them? I’m thinking of buying a laser cutter/engraver and making up some Electroneum things like a model rocket (it will cut into a curved surface as it auto-focuses), keychains with the ETN symbol on one side and your QR code on the other side, an acrylic lighted sign that says “Electroneum accepted here” I’ll think of stuff as time goes on. I’ll mostly be doing other stuff but I’ll do some ETN stuff. I just have to convince the repairman at work to go halfs with me on it. He seems semi-interested in using it to make stuff to sell.


The idea and the vectors. They are my development in Corel Draw. Anything we can close a partnership for its creation.


1 am here Saturday morning .
Goodnight from Oz!


Go get some sleep Pahini :smiley:


I don’t think that we will hear any news today - we would have had the news by now if there was any…


Coming soon…very soon😂


… equals within the next two weeks - maybe :joy:




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I dont think you should be aloud to make speculations like this because you are a confessed trader who makes money from influencing people to sell with posts like this.

Just saying!


And What evidence do you have to back up that rather Bold Negative statement…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


No no no he wants to buy YOUR bags at 150! He is a day trader trying to get people to sell and force the price down so he can buy more for what he just sold.

Dont listen to BS posts like this.




I Don’t Understand Why People come on a community forum page JUST to post about Their Negative Opinion on ETN…WHY …?..What can you possibly gain from that…?
It Seems to me that you’re Just trying to provoke people into engaging in a Negative Conversation about Your Opinion about the Price of ETN…:roll_eyes:
Why waste your time …? Nothing Good Comes from Negativity…NOTHING !


I’d say as long as you’re here then you’ve joined. I didn’t realize there was a set amount to be part of this club… I just thought it was about being dump fighters and not specifically collectors… Though that is a benefit of fighting the dump I suppose.


Understand that this particular thread was created to Fight the Dump, so buying to just turn around to sell isn’t what we are about. However, to be fair @profit didn’t say he was selling, he just made an observation stating his opinion, which time will tell if that was true. Wrong thread to state that, yes, maybe he should have gone somewhere else but we are HODLERS so a comment like this shouldn’t affect us in the least. I wouldn’t crucify him for stating an opinion. IMHO…


8:18 Friday Morning West Coast USA good morning Team!


Good day kind sir, I assume that you are behind GMT there?


We should soon welcome M-kid back :))


Richard mentioned in an interview that he expects IOS app and KYC around Christmas so i am not expecting anything real big until then. Buttttt a little update or bombshell of a story would have been nice! Big things coming people, i can smell it, i can almost taste it… Oh wait never-mind, that is the remnants of my sushi last night.