The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread

Plenty people will care who (assume) that by trading on a top 10 exchange that it is in theory more reliable/more trustworthy.

How convinced are you that HitBTC will drop the withdraw fee when ETN goes up in price ?

I welcome the addition of the exchange but I am sceptical about these guys.

When they listed Docademic, they decided to take 200 tokens for each withdrawal, they also kept that amount even when the token was soaring - Only when Twitter and John Mcafee got involved they did decide they would drop it because it’s the right thing to do.

I have no idea if they will change the withdrawal fee when the etn price increases BUT you will still have the choice to trade elsewhere, if you prefer.

IMO we should be pleased we now have another route to market. ETN are about inclusion and this includes users and exchanges throughout the spectrum.

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Don’t get me wrong I am OVERJOYED we are being listed on a major exchange and we will do very well by that. Just a wee bit salty on the fees I will get over it!!!


Just sold something to buy more ETN, well F*** you FOMO… :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::joy:


Its my duty to suggest them the better option!
Lets write them email! :blush:


This is what I send them. My english is far from perfect, but they should understand enough :slight_smile:
Hope I didnt wrote any nonsense :slight_smile:

This email will be a bit different.
So, I have seen that you have payment option Bitcoin. I am a bit in crypto world and i have a really nice suggestion for you. Can I recomend you to add as a payment option Electroneum-ETN? This is a Fintech company from UK with that has to offer instant payment and fees that are more or less funny. Just for comparison for transfering around 50 000$ there is about 0.07$ fee. The API integration is simple as no other. You can have this payment option on your site in max 20min. Also this currency has fiat pairing, so you can cash out in $,€ and few more currencies.

Electroneum is probably the fastest growing cryptocurrency by users (2.5mio) and with 100mio$ in wallets to spend. Also, they make some promotion on FB and Twitter(120k followers) for your shop if you decide to integrate. If you need help, Electroneum will not hesitate

Please consider adding this as an option and let me know what you think. I would buy something with Bitcoin but the Fee are too high.

Here is link to official site

And link to directions, how to integrate this payment.

Best regards


Big fees keeps the weak wellpissers away…
And, maybe, bots.


Nice. Somebody is really supporting 220 sats on Kucoin :smiley:

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Just an FYI for the reason of HitBTC’s high fees.


That does make a bit of sense, actually.


So first, people complain for months about how we haven’t gotten listed on HitBTC…

Then when we finally get listed, you got issues about the trading fees??!?? Sheesh!!!

The only thing we should be paying attention to regarding HitBTC is the trading volume.


How Great is the instant payment system…A Friend sent me 300,000 ETN today…There was an INSTANT Payment Notification(And i do mean Instant Payment NOTIFICATION And i received the ETN Exactly 22 minutes later…:open_mouth::open_mouth:
All I Can Say Is …:dizzy: AWESOME !!:dizzy:

How long would that have taken if we had used conventional methods of payment…And How much would it have cost me in Fees ???
(Lets say for arguments sake the value was in Dollars !!!)

“This is faster than paying for goods with Visa/Mastercard or debit cards. shops or services will allow you to check out with the goods instantly and know they will get payment within the hour.:ok_hand: …Visa/Mastercard or debit card payments accept the money is coming, and credit the retailer in a few days,:sleeping::smirk:
To be able to use the funds within an hour is fantastic.”


You want to introduce us to your friends??? @purkiss80 :grin: :grin: :grin:


So guys today i bought 10k coins. I could not resist especially with this price. It is a nice addition to my bag but i am not finished. And when i reached my goal i will just reset my goal to a higher amount until ETN is to expensive to buy. haha.


Thanks for that little snippet there.!!
I actually was thinking along the lines of Electroneum being of some use to the budding young entrepreneurs that frequent the show to support and promote their prospective businesses.

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I’m not sure what the big deal about price is. There are plenty of Exchamges charging lower prices. Plenty of people using hitbc are OK with the price… Not me. But I don’t have to use it. Regardless being listed on this exchange is of huge benefit to our coin rite?

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Iran, one of the largest oil producing countries, has been disconnected from SWIFT. They cannot send or receive money and they are considering cryptocurrency to fill the gap.
This might be a very good chance for ETN.

Iran turns to crypto as SWIFT disconnects the Iranian central bank

Just imagine if ETN is used for remittance between a country like this and the rest of the world. OMG, this will be huge.
These applications are the best means to give the coin a better price that is sustainable. Instead of whales buying.


This is where the privacy coins come into play. ETN is not a privacy coin, so those with illicit motives and activities will not be interested in ETN.


ETN would end up being banned in the USA or something!

We are not talking here about any illegal activities. Normal people sending and receiving money from and to Iran. They can use any coin. Then why not ETN? which is way faster.