The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread


I thought I’d create a “waiting room” thread while we wait for M-Kid to come back? So we could leave his thread in tact and allow him to create round 3.
What are your thoughts, Fight the Dump in the waiting room? :zap::rocket::new_moon_with_face::zap:

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!
Who's buying into the pain?
Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!

I like this ! Sounds like a good plan


When I think about the title of this thread, I picture being trapped at the doctor’s office with no access to a bathroom.


Hahaha :joy: should I change the title? Um… fight the ETN Dump temporarily Here? :joy:


@Squidward_Nakamoto is that better? :smiley:


Nice thought, you can also visit my fortunewheel thread meanwhile. Its etn’s to win there.
Maybe me and @B.F.A can hide in here with som dirty stuff…


My problem is writing and thinking at the same time, that is why i wright first and think later


Not into tuesday bottle? :grin:
Im on holy times now. Did stair training today. Up 5 skijumping hills. Fotball tomorrow.
Jokke goes holy😇
-Edit, answer, due to last post
Aah, you former officer? Retired?
-Rbk, too late😄
But i was at professional level in Skijumping though. Nickname -Matti- back then. Or jokke. :yum: not as bad as the real Matti…


Was at the officer mes to night, only coffee and coca-cola, but i did look but did not touch. That is a s…loads of stairs go up, i start thinking you are going to get a place in Rosenborg team


Haha much improved :nerd_face:


Great idea I think @m-kid would appreciate it…


Out of hearts so :purple_heart::chipmunk: for you @Micron
It’s so quiet in this forum today! Maybe it’s the calm before the storm??


Hope so… Would be nice to post some green prior to year end…


M-Kidoneum, aah-ahh, game changer
M-Kidoneum, ahh-ahh, ground shaker


Wasted days and wasted nights waiting in the Here while M-Kid is Away Thread.
Daddy please help I went down a fork in the thread. Will it be as nice as the L coin Fork off B coin?


As Carl Sagan would have said, “Billions and billions of ETN” have been bought by members of this thread. Well, at least we can say we’re working on our first billion.


Interestingly, the volume on Liquid has plummeted. So whatever transactions were occurring seem to have concluded. If there was a business reason for these transactions (whatever it may have been), that suggests that the deal has just gotten one step closer to fruition.

Closer and closer we come . . . . .



Hmmm. I’m looking at coinmarketcap and the 24 hour volume is down to 400-500,000.


Hahaha :joy: the thread forked :joy: we can discard the fork once M-Kid is back.


Yep, that volume spike definitely looks done. I can’t help but feel that volume was an indicator of some big amazing things to come :sparkles::rocket: