The ETNbot is bugged. It stops at "flag my message" (can't flag his messages)


Hi, the ETNbot during the tutorial asks to flag his message, but there is no flag option under any of his message. Probably a bug that stops the tutorial

I am adding a screenshot to show that there are no options beside the like, share and bookmark, for ETNbot messages


Go to options on top right and select desk top view and then change it back to mobile view

You will get the flag

It’s jst a bug as u mentioned


Same thing happened to me so I just finished going threw the form since I wasn’t able to continue


I’ve tried exactly this a few times over after seeing this post and I have had no luck getting it to show up.


You can also reply “skip” to the bot, I’ll try to forward that to the team today :slight_smile:


Yup, I’ve decided to do that when it started showing the option to. :slight_smile: Thanks.


Did you check on a computer?

It worked for me when I did that …


Hi, I am on a windows pc and as you can see by the pic, you post also have no flag or option buttons


The only time that the 3 dot option button is there is in my own replies or posts


The search option also does not work


Thats true… Its a bug…
I kept changing desktop and mobile view and finally it worked on mobile view.

I am on my PC now and its not showing in the PC as well…

The search option works fine… jst make sure you are doing it right…


Thanks for the reply! My search is also working now…who knows…anyway, i hope they can get all the bugs sorted soon.


Ok, I found the solution: you need to be 1 rank higher in order to flag a post!!! So, just use the forum and when you rank up, go back to the bot


@Doctor Awesome :slight_smile:


Yeah I just encountered this myself. I clicked the flag and I could only send a message to the bot not just flag it. I see one issue, I had changed my title to Enthusiast yesterday and it was deactivated when I came on this morning. I just had to change it again to get the rank back, so it seems there is a glitch where titles will switch back to the default no rank. So I changed it and it’s showing the flag but it’s not clickable.