The etn value Is going down


In 1 December 2018 etn value was of 0,0077… After 6 Days Is fallen to 0,00526!
What’s going on?


Please remember that there will always be up and down cycles in every market? Al depends on what you looking for, if you want to invest money, you have to know that all investments take time? If you want to trade, low positions will give BUy opportunities. The best advise I can give you is be patient and know as soon as the ETN team starts with the advertising campaign, this numbers will change, guaranteed? :):smiley:


Are you aware that the whole market is down?


Some of us bought in at $0.022, luckily not too much though! As Latroy says though, the entire market has taken a complete shoeing over the last 6 weeks, ETN has been affected less than many currencies.


I wanted to know what the growth or reduction of a cryptomonet depends on?
moreover my intention was to mine etn and then convert them into euros (and some of you have advised me to do it on


Hasten not , it’s normal and it’s Goin to be back up again even space crafts build by NASA do fail at times so it’s just a matter of time


ETN hasn’t went down by much at all. Last week it was worth 200 satoshis. Today it is worth 185 satoshis. Only a 7.5% drop.

The reason its $ value is down much more than 7.5% is because those 200 satoshis are worth much less value now because Bitcoin has dropped.

So many people don’t understand this, yet it is the first thing they should have learned before getting into Crypto. (In my opinion anyway)

If bitcoins value drops… ETN drops with it! If Bitcoin goes up… up we go.
The only thing you should be interested in is how much satoshis each ETN is worth. Use that value to determine how healthy/unhealthy we are performing. The satoshi value is purely and utterly determined by supply v demand! If there is more ETN being sold on an exchange than there is buyers soaking up the ETN then the satoshi value will drop. If there is more demand for ETN than there is Sellers then our satoshi value goes up.

This is the only thing you should care about because everything else is controled by bitcoin. If ETN is worth $0.10 and bitcoins is worth $10,000 and the next day bitcoin drops by 50% to $5000 then even if our satoshi value stays the exact same, ETN’s price will still drop by 50% to $0.05.

Hopefully the above Illistration makes scense, if not i strongly suggest you spend a little time doing more research before continuing in your Crypto Adventures.


It means it is time to scoop up more cheep we will all be wealthy some day and we will party together get excited and buy


Are u an economics? Ur explanation is exactly perfect, what most of us are interested is the value going up without noticing other factors


This is the 1 day chart of BTC

This is the 1 day chart of ETN (keep in mind CMC is missing a number of exchanges)

We haven’t broken away from dependence on Bitcoin yet and our volume is still low but you can see that our volume is slowly getting bigger on the 24 hour.
I believe you will continue to see the volume increase (but that’s just my opinion, make your own decision) like this all the way up to Monday because of the news they just released that they are switching over to the new servers which will allow them to handle 300 million wallets as Richard has said on video (If I’m remembering correctly).
And then we will see Monday what happens. Hopefully all goes well and Amazon does everything correctly. If what we get is instant payment after this replacing instant notification, hold on to your hats.


:point_up: THIS :point_up:


No @Emmanuel i am not. I Did however Hire, Train and Manage teams of Billing Analysts for many Years, and finding how things “tick” has always been important to me. Then the Salesman within me wants to explain in simple terms how this sh!t works.

Over the Christmas Holidays i am going to create a Thread, aimed at helping Newer Members Understand how things work around this space. But cramming many years knowledge into a few Paragraphs… will be Challenging.


Hey, how’s going dude? You’re right to a degree, except for the “the only thing we should worry about is what bitcoin is doing” part.

We can’t ignore Macro Economic factors as the biggest catalyst. The people who don’t know anything about that and aren’t keeping track of that are getting out of the market.

I think we are headed torwards pre 2017 market conditions and that is a good thing. One of the things we are likely to see is an end to bitcoin dominance.

The reason for this is that regulation may require coins to incorporate far better Risk Management, which should include liquidity that doesn’t just include Bitcoin, but an expanded range of trading pairs.

This means that coins that don’t have wide spectrum liquidity will be seen as high risk, thus undesirable by the market. I might be wrong, but I expect this to happen within the next 6 months.


I am doing Well, thank you Latroy.

I’m not sure if you simply miss-read my post or accidentally misquoted me. I’m not saying “the only thing we should worry about is what Bitcoin is doing” Quite the opposite.
What i’m saying is that when looking at the price of ETN, we should not be looking at its Dollar value and basing our performance or criticisms on how many Cents it has went down in the last week or so because it has only went down because BTC has went down. Our Sats price has dropped approx 7.5% but some people are worried because BTC had dragged every Coin down with it this past week.
My point is to look at sats price to determine how well/not so well ETN is doing because we are at the mercy of BTC.

That information is aimed at 95% of Investors, yet most don’t fully Understand how the BTC peg effects us.

Onto Economic factors, only a small percentage of people will look past price and make judgements on credible research into these and it isn’t something that’s easy to teach. You need to be self motivated to look this far into things and frankly, most don’t care. It would be good however if you can chime in over the Holiday period and compliment what i post to help newer members.


Well said brotha. This is exactly right, it’s all about the satoshi value, which has been fairly stable compared to many other coins satoshi value decline


Gotcha. By the 95%, you mean the people who like to always ask:

“When moon”
“When Lambo”
“Why price go up”
“Why price go down”
“When party like Wolf of Wallstreet”
“When roll like Chris Gorman”
“When Baller status”

I was reading from a different perspective, but yes you’re right that if people don’t understand the basics they’re not going to think about Macro Economics.


Hello professor! I wounder, if bitcoin stand still in price and the etn price raise to 400 i guess the price in dollar Will go up the same procent. In Other case i dont se the point of price profits


Yes the price will double :+1:.