The ETN Mobile Miner should email us when we are not mining

There should be an option to email the user when the mobile miner is no longer mining. That would save us time from checking to see if the miner is mining.

How would that be faster then just checking your phone, when the miner is running it shows in the notification area?

i already check my emails several times a day. Checking the ETN miner is another, sometimes multi-step ( sign in, enter pin, click miner …) process. And, why check it if I know it is mining?

It sounds like your phone is closing Electroneum mine stays on for days, if you check your power management options on your phone you should be able to prevent it closing the app to save battery. Background data restrictions may be turned on also.

Good idea that you suggest.

I personally find it easy to just flick the app on to check in on it. But when its running it just shows up as a notification saying that its running. It’s pretty simple tbh.

I agree with this, sometimes my miner stops during the night and I don’t notice straight away or even the next day but I do check my email for work so this would work for me :slight_smile:

Keep checking and earning :slight_smile:

What about a persistent notification ? Vibrate or flash your phone