The ETN Fomosapien Rocket To Mars’ Moons Club. Vol2; It’s all about the Gig

The way I understand it is you can buy a service and pay for it with Visa or MC credit or debit card and it’s converted to ETN to payout to the seller of the work.

That’s it, ETN payout to seller…no buying ETN for yourself to send to an excahnge or your ETN wallet. That would be operating as an exchange which is a whole other can of worms that is best not opened up.

I could be wrong, but I doubt it’s going to be allowed as a place to purchase ETN directly without being a freelance seller.


Doesn’t quite make sense to me, as the unbanked cannot cash out in fiat. They will need to be able to move it to their wallets so as to use in the ecosystem.

Oh well. It will all be clear soon.

The seller/worker receiving the ETN can do with it as they please. hold it, send it to an exchange or spend it.

You were talking about buying ETN with fiat and bypassing the need to use an exchange.

The seller/worker is receiving ETN as payment, they aren’t buying it. The buyer’s credit card purchase is converted to ETN then sent to the seller/worker.

You have me confused now lol.

I have no idea what you are thinking about the process now.

The payment processor does the conversion.

you pay with credit card, the seller/worker receives ETN into their ETN wallet. No bank account required to get paid.

ETN is developing places to spend it and entrepreneurs will develop places to cash it out…and at some point there will probably be networks of ATM’s because there will be demand for it and someone will jump on it because there’s money to be made in ATM fees.

But you buying ETN directly via credit card to send to your own ETN wallet from anytasks is probably not going to be possible without gaming the system…and risking your account.

That’s my guess. Otherwise ETN would be opening themselves up to some things they probably have no plans to get messed up in.

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I have no interest in gaming the system. It seems to me that a direct fiat/ETN gateway would be huge, and I had thought Anytasks would accommodate this. Especially since I could become a seller, even though I am banked. I could be a buyer and a seller.

But again, all conjecture. Will be interesting to see the setup soon. Just trying to wrap my head around it. (edited)

What anytasks accomplishes is millions of people being able to participate in the global freelance economy who were excluded before ETN makes it possible.

Because so many are unbanked they had no way to participte on platforms such as fiverr or freelancer or all the others.

How does someone with no bank account get paid through Paypal? Not very easily I’ll tell you.

Then those in countries that they are somehow able to manage to find a way to use paypal have to pay high paypal fees and wait 5-7 days for the funds to complete and be available to them. They are the lucky ones.

So…what solves is enabling 1.7 billion unbanked people the ability to now participate in the global freelance economy and they will get paid directly in ETN with no need to attach a bank account to recieve their earnings on anytasks.

So you’ll have all these workers out there with earned ETN in their wallets.

When you have that, then merchants see that people need places to spend their ETN.

It’s huge, it will take time to see the total effect of that velocity of money circular flow.

This is not going to be some overnight moonshot…I wouldn’t think.

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I fully expect it to take years to get off the ground. No illusions there. I love the idea of aiming for utility companies. Water, electricity, etc. The real necessities that people need.

Have you ever examined the app that I’ve mentioned many times here before?

Look at it sometime and see what you can do with BTC in it.

You’ll get excited and see just what direction is possible for ETN. ETN use is so much easier than BTC for payments, not to mention a lot cheaper.

I mean serious look at the app in depth.

Already a network of ATMs there too.


I visited their page a few times, never installed the app. I’ll install it and have a look.

Oh and did you see the bit about where they eventually plan to open up anytasks to local task market.

Think or the many similar site that people do things such as personal shopper, handyman stuff.

I think every market will have it’s different uses for local gig work. Maybe someone wants some fish and veggies from the food market and can afford to hire someone to go get it for them. I don’t know, just an example.

Maybe Air BNB owner needs someone to manage their property between rentals, so looks for someone local.

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Yeah, I just don’t think it will be possible to buy from yourself on anytasks…that’s a big ol shady grey area that probably wouldn’t look too good to regulators.

I think what is more feasible is the 3rd party doing the processing may be able to develop a service that is seperate from anytasks and has no ties to it that would allow fiat to ETN directly.

They may even be working on it, but I think that possibly falls under at the least money transfer regulations, so probably requires some licensing or creative structuring.

I never, ever insinuated or suggested buying from myself.

Then I have zero understanding of what you were referring to here.

Not sure what you meant there then, looks like you were thinking someone could use their credit card and buy ETN for themselves on anytasks.

So I’m confused

‘‘use their credit card and buy ETN for themselves on anytasks.’’ - That’s exactly what I am saying. That doesn’t translate, at least from where I am sitting to gaming the system. I don’t see the ethical issue here. It just eliminates the need to buy BTC or other paired coin and the fees along the way. I am not talking about buying my own gigs, at all.

Because the way I see it the only way someone could use their credit card on anytasks to acquire ETN for themselves is to also be the seller listing a digital skill.

That’s my whole point, it probably won’t be possible to use any task to acquire ETN unless selling your services there.

But there’s no way in heck they are going to allow someone to buy gigs from themselves to circumvent conventional methods of acquisition.

Because it’s probably considered being a money transfer agent at the very least if they allowed that to occur.

And possibly it falls under money laundering definitions too.

I seriously doubt they will allow someone to list a task then buy that task from themselves…unless of course they plan on only being in operation a few months then tied up in the legal system in several jurisdictions for years.

That’s the way I see it, could be wrong.

It would be awesome if it is possible, I just highly doubt it.

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