The ETN Fomosapien Rocket To Mars’ Moons Club. Vol2; It’s all about the Gig

10k a day it seems. Massively picked up last few days. Be keen to keep an eye on this and see if we can hit 15k a day next week. Which is crazy!


I just wondering how is that happening… people just refer friends, friends more friends etc (like a piramid) or advertising campaign started? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Both I think. It should only get bigger from now on.

Hoping crypto rich gets his interview out soon. Apparently there’s exclusive news. He keeps posting teasers on twitter.


@Noonelikesus The ad campaign started late June, see the facebook marketing campaign here:


All credit to @Satsuikeshi who originally posted this link a while ago. I wouldn’t have know how to find that information.


But that add campaign is only in SA on FB or other ways too? Any more details? Thx

Looks like on Tuesday we will hit 200.000 active miners :heart_eyes:


I don’t have any further details, but if you filter the fb ads by country, you can see that they are running in Argentina, Japan, Suriname, Kyrgyzstan etc.

Not sure on which other social media or other electronic or physical media they are marketing. Obviously on the ground in SA, but would love to hear more details if anybody can throw some light on this.

I may have missed some posts giving more details.


Ads running in India it seems

that what i mean , abuse app cloud mining . maybe etn team must be aware and set strategy too handle that because we will grow fast and big this year base on Richard announcement live on 20 country

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Cracking race !!

181k miners flying up looking forward to cryptorich video .
Could be another great week next week.



Ahh good. Coffee number 2, and a video to watch. Morning from western Canada folks.


Dont get me wrong but, arent we in 2019 and every mobile phone for 200€ have a better video camera…


Not to you - but why on earth was my initial message flaged as inappropriate - I’m just trying to help what goes on and how people bypass the system … it’s odd … !!!

Ok that’s mean… add campaign already started in other countries then SA?:hushed: I was thinking first they go live with the phone top up and after add campaign in other countries…:thinking:

I guess it’s a misunderstanding. I should have copied your link to the video in my message i.e. not to refer to your post. sorry

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Insta ad.


Oooh… Good find!! This is proof that they aren’t just focusing on Facebook, which is pretty big in it’s implications! I’d bet that they are first trialing ads (A/B testing) on Facebook, due to ease of use, analytics, etc. Then they take the highest performing ads and running them on other platforms, like insta!


Yeah that’s actually aimed at me in UK. Hit me with both platforms.


Could someone post a synopsis here? I’m on the road today, so I wont be able to watch it till later.


Nothing to lose any sleep over. Basic discussion about reasoning behind moving to PoR, explanation as to why there was no warning to the mining community. A decent talk, but nothing world breaking. I imagine the good stuff comes in episode 3, but I think it’s going to be dragged out over a couple days at least lol. (inserts sounds of me whining for full release now)

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